Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 23, 2006


I said I would do this for you, my granddaughter.  I said I would tell you the stories, fifty-one of them, so that you would begin to understand some parts of where you come from.  Granddaughters are important to grandmothers: especially when grandmothers never had daughters and so they can look at this wonderful creation, the baby, then the girl and then the woman, who will carve her own niche in this complicated world, so full of unknowns, so full of promise and also so full of disappointments, but always around and with you.  How can I begin to tell you how to live or to help you to answer some of the questions?   I cannot, it will be up to you to discover and to live your life, but I can tell you stories, the stories I never told anyone else, stories that you can take or leave, that are not giving hidden messages or meaning, but are simply stories written for you.

Your lineage is so varied and wonderfully unexpected.  Your mothers’ parents are German and I know little of them – these are the stories you must learn from her, your mother and her mother.  Your father’s parents are Dutch and Iranian, a wonderful mix of cultures and backgrounds, and your father’s mother remarried an Englishman, took on England as her home country, where she settled and felt at ease.  These stories relate to that bond with England and what the country meant.  So, whereas you have no lineage into England or its people as far as I know, my stories for you will all relate to England.  The other stories will come some other time.


  1. I always also thought that looking for the answers to the questions is more interesting than having the answers.

    Nice blog, by the way. Will there be more stories forthcoming?

  2. Hi what an interesting story, I look forward to the second one in the 51 emerging and the description of the evolution of baby to girl to woman.
    This may take a long time!
    Yellowduck is only part way there – looking for the answers is only part of the way, you have to invent them and then define the future and gain control of the world.

  3. An interesting read, maybe the brother of the yellowduck can learn something from this also? Looking forward to an eye opening trail of stories to follow all the way through to the number 51.

    Much love and a merry xmas grandmother,

    The other one…

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