Posted by: Corri van de Stege | April 22, 2007

Sunday Afternoon (continued from Sunday Morning)

Despite scepticism from various quarters I have not really done too badly, in fact my brain feels action packed, enough to get on with for a while.  I did carry out a number of things from my list (however, not my work list, so no Board papers read yet I’m afraid):

I compromised – instead of going to the gym I used my exercise bike and read the newspaper, the main part, at the same time.  You must admit, that is making really good use of time, even on a Sunday!  Newspaper headlines (The Sunday Times) that I picked up whilst cycling away (I did a satisfactory 15 kilometres):

. Blair is becoming more and more implicated in the cash for honours scandal.  Is the media whipping this up?

. HRT is bad for you (yes, I know, but what am I going to do?  Debilitating Board meetings and sleepless nights are not exactly my idea of comfortable living either!)  Indira Knight in the Sunday Times comments ‘Imagine being a carnivore on HRT – you’d think your goose was cooked.  Especially if you liked bacon!’  Dilemmas…..

. Telephone masts cause cancer (as well as HRT and too much red meat….)  Presumably this is not gender specific though.

. Metrosexual men have healthier hearts – at least some good news for some men – no such consolation for women.

. Johnston’s (the BBC reporter kidnapped in Gaza) kidnappers want £2.5m – so in the end this turns out to be just another crime, an opportunistic ‘mafia’ family taking advantage of lawlessness in a country – how do you deal with that if perhaps your own country has been part of the cause of such lawlessness?  What is your stand going to be?

. Mud houses will be expensive (some £500K) but very ecofriendly – you will have to live near the Channel though if you want one.

. There’s an interesting article on ‘tribes in Britain’ (in other words, as a British anthropoligist you don’t have to go very far if you want to study tribal costume and behaviour): Five of the best are: Nu-rave, Rapper Scallies, Chavs, Emo, Industrial Metal.   At least I now may be able to put a name to some of the outfits I meet whilst on the road…

. Cracks show under Iran’s strongman – this is about how people who in fact voted him into power are now casting doubt on Ahmadinejad’s sanity: he claimed hat as he laid out a prayer mat somewhere on a trip back to Tehran, shepherds appeared out of the blue and chanted ‘nuclear power is our undeniable right’.   Yes, I bet, they probably also lavished him with myrrh,  incense and other precious gifts!

. then of course there are the elections in France – who will win, Sarkozy or Royal (now reportedly neck and neck) or will Bayrou or even Le Pen upset the applecart?  There is a lot at stake, with France’s economy going down the drain, a lot of very unhappy and unemployed young people, the immigration issue and others.  Even though Sarkozy appears to have a more agressive programme with solutions to all these problems, I’d vote for the woman myself, but then I’m beginning to think that most men so far have not done great jobs in politics anyway (Bush??, ….. etc. etc.).  Two females in charge in two large countries in Europe – quite a change perhaps.

And on all these thoughts and having enough of cycling to nowhere I had breakfast, put on my old jeans and yes, painted that darned wall in the telly room, whilst watching some of the runners in the London marathon: one of my staff is running in between that lot somewhere but I could not see him.  I cheered him on nevertheless.

 I also went out and got an Observer newspaper (not delivered).  The Guardian and the Observer bring out a series of ‘great 20th century speeches’, which I want to collect.  Yesterday’s had Churchill’s ‘On the beaches’ in the Guardian, whilst the Observer today has JFK’s inauguration speech. 

So far not bad going then, although I have only looked at my plants and am not really in the mood for gardening, they will just have to get by with some more water and I’m sure that’s enough.  The weed will take care of itself. 

 I have even placed a comment on Jose‘s blog, only he has meanwhile moved on from immigration to unions. They are very thoughtful pieces of writing that make you think.


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