Posted by: Corri van de Stege | April 22, 2007

Sunday Evening

I have just come across another news story through a journalist in Iran, a Dutch blog.  The story is quite horrific and paints a slightly different and more sinister picture of Ahmadinejad’s Iran than the vaguely flippant remark I made earlier on today.  This one tells us of some young people (I’m providing the link to the American newspaper as I somehow don’t expect that everyone reading my blog reads Dutch as well as English!) who carried out ‘moral killings’, were prosecuted and found guilty, only the death verdict has now been reversed.  It is not clear whether they will get punished at all.   They were members of rich and influential families, which seems to indicate that you can literally get away with murder if you have enough money.   That is quite a sad verdict on a country that not so long ago struggled to free itself from the Shah and its regime, in particular the Savak, which also got away with murder. 

And then all these murders: Iraq  car bombs (countless but over 150 in one attack is just too horrendous for words), the American Psycho (as referred to in one of the newspapers) who killed 32 students on a campus in Virginia.  How can you even begin to comprehend all of this? 

Meanwhile I have finished novel no. 2 this month – not bad going I think.  Time is very short in my day to day diary and so I feel quite happy with this.  Also, this one was not easy to persevere with to begin with: Faulkner’s ‘The Sound and The Fury’, but definitely one to stick to. It is amazingly haunting and very clever as far as the storytelling is concerned, only when you get to parts 3 and 4 does it all begin to make sense and does it dawn on you what is actually going on – lovelessness and pure hate, perhaps it clarifies something about human nature and how horrendously caught some people are within circumstances that they cannot deal with, won’t deal with.   The craft of story telling at its best, I think.


  1. I see you have eventually become very active today, you’ve even had time to post.

    Good for you!

  2. Thanks Jose – yes I do feel very virtuous!

  3. Has your well of wisdom dried, seachanges?

    I look forward to reading your experiences in the countries you have visited and lived in.

  4. Jose – you make me realise that I have been trying to avoid doing anything that I should be doing! Have just submitted a story and hope you like that one!

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