Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 10, 2007


It’s time for something lighter – I feel as if I’m letting my little granddaughter down.   Surely the world cannot be this damned serious all the time.  Apologies to Jose because I just don’t feel I can cope at the moment with more serious considerations about world peace: Tony Blair has just resigned, Sarkozy is taking over in France.  The world will be a different, if not a better, place in a few months time.  And I feel truly and terribly sorry for everyone that still lives in some kind of war-torn country – I also feel quite helpless. 

I have signed up to a creative writing course (seriously) and I am required to deliver bits and pieces of stories all the time – as well as keeping up with my very important and serious day job…    So I wondered how you would write a story from the perspective of the French Olympic (swimming) Champion who at the tender age of 20 years old decided to do a runner and join her (unsuspecting) lover in Italy.  Two different Olympic Committees (one French and one Italian) are now fighting it out (yes, truly, a story in the Times today, I read it on a very long journey from here to the other side of the country, including two train changes and a very slow bit of underground in London).   This of course is a total distraction from the kind of stuff I set myself to write.  Interesting though , you must admit.  Suggestions that I can plagiarise gladly received.   Well ….. 



  1. Life is formed by everything, needless to say that your writings are always appreciated, seachanges. But life is life and you must cope with it.

    I am also a little off the frame because of problems that must be solved, nothing serious but they take my time nevertheless.

    And heat, it’s hot here now!. These changes in weather are certainly not a pleasure.

  2. Thanks Jose – your responses are always very much appreciated. I sometimes wonder if I’m simply talking to myself here!

  3. So I always tell myself–to loosen up a bit. As for the creative writing class, I feel so out of league in this regard. I would be happy if I can even breathe a short story. 🙂

  4. Hi Matt – nice to see you again: I do like your book reviews though whatever you think about your own story writing! You may be right – I am trying to find out…:)and if I fall flat on my face I’ve always got the blog to get back to for commisseration..

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