Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 31, 2007

Working from home

A real blessing in disguise, when I get the chance.  It feels like such luxury this working from home, even though I’m behind my computer and desk at 8 in the morning and seem to be stuck there until well after 6, through telephone calls, e-mails and papers, and a short break for a sandwich.  Nevertheless, I can get up from my chair at 6, leave the room and go out for a long brisk walk, ending up with a glass of wine in the garden, enjoying the last bit of sun of the day after three days of continuous rain.  Great bliss not having to travel, sit in stuffy meeting rooms, wait in stations, miss trains, sit in traffic jams.  It is so much better not to have to go anywhere, to put on your jeans and do a full day’s work, comfortably, and sink into my garden chair at the end of it all.

The Guardian has an interview with Marina Lewycka ‘Better Late than Never’, the author of ‘A short history of tractors in Ukrainian’, a hoot of a story, a wonderful gift to me by my son, which I enjoyed tremendously.  Another ‘traveller’, someone whose parents come from a totally different culture, wonderfully commented on in this book.  Her approach ‘life’s a nightmare but a hellishly funny one’, probably the right one to survive.  Even better when she has actually managed this first book when she is 58.  Well there is hope yet, I suppose!  I may be writing for my granddaughter, but I do want to do it well and writing has become a focus that I am taking seriously.  The ‘creative writing course’ is in full swing now and hugely enjoyable, but terribly demanding alongside a day job that seems to eat you alive, fully, and requires complete and utter dedication. 



  1. Seachanges,

    What I like best of your posts is your own input. I have decided to focus my attention on just a few blog sites, trying to spread my attenton on too many has proved to be impossible for my time. It weakens my power of thought.

    Yours is one of those selected posts.

    Keep at it. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Jose I feel really encouraged that you think my blog is worthwhile. Like you, I feel at times there is just too much going on to keep everything in focus. I have noticed there is a sudden flurry of activity on your own site, after quite a long silence and I have linked to one of your posts. I am very grateful for your encouraging words. 🙂

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