Posted by: Corri van de Stege | June 4, 2007

Weariness and cheers

A 13-hour or so day makes me feel like …. like what, a zombie, switching off forever, go to sleep and not wake up again, or simply exhausted and in need of a good night’s sleep?  It’s easy to let yourself sink back into a state that you know is not really you once you have pulled yourself together again, at the same time it is easy to feel a bit depressed, especially when 6 hours or so out of the 13 were spent driving.  Driving back was not so bad in fact, I had a container full of salad and fruit and kind of picked at it, then a roll (left over from lunch), then… etc.   Meanwhile, the sun was sinking on a  very flat landscape, parts of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and yes, the Fens.  After the fast A1, traffic is determined by the slowest lorries on these provincial roads and so you end up taking your life into your hands every so often and putting your foot on the accelerator to overtake.  After the news on the radio, music switched from classical, including a loud ‘Ave Maria’ which I always enjoy, despite its religious connotations followed by a CD  with a Leonard Cohen, that is good to sing along with.  Well, I’m back in one piece. 

Today was also a first day in a new job, within the same organisation, but doing something totally different from what I did this last year.  I  want to use this blog as a cheers and thank you to my previous team (although I doubt they will ever read this), and the realisation that some of them will actually quite miss me, are really sorry to see me go.  That helps tremendously in a world where most of the time you feel utterly and totally superfluous, or at least, not quite the perfect fit for whatever it is that you are doing.  So a big cheers to people who are genuine in their friendship and can take the good with the bad and still love you for it!  That’s what I call friendship and team spirit.

And now I wonder about that other blog that is brewing underneath, the one about war and peace – it’s still there, only it needs to germinate a bit longer, I have not quite got the right frame for it, especially not as it is linked to the pressures of religions and how they try to impress a certain way of looking at the world, obliterating sometimes genuine and real human emotions and feelings, justifying wars.   As I said, today is not the day, too tired….  Besides only yesterday I submitted three (!) very short stories to my creative writing course.   Enough is enough!



  1. Do drive carefully….
    Still working on my short stories. They are giving me a headache. Listening to Ludovico Einaudi helps, though.

  2. Einaudi is excellent!

  3. The spark will come, seachanges, when you least expect it. It is a question of condition, brain and the electrict current from it to the tips of your fingers which, also, should be ready for it, forgetting everything else.

    I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you these last two days, but I have been very busy of late. I don’t forget you, though, as you can check.

  4. Lovely to hear from you – and thanks for the encouragement Jose. It is very much appreciated!

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