Posted by: Corri van de Stege | June 10, 2007

Further musings

I got it all wrong of course, to be expected when bleary eyed you try and do a couple of things at the same time, mentally preoccupied with what you’re writing, sudden inspiration at 4.30 in the morning.  No, the Moon Topples does not aim to write 30,000 words a day: that is his overall aim.    Apologies of course, never mind, this discussion on number of words and writing allowed Jose to put me gently right: it’s not about numbers of words (of course not) it’s always about what you write, not how much!   It’s about words, sentences, ideas, clarity, inspiration, about what you have to say and whether that is going to make people sit up and read, or in my case, whether I’ll be able to convey something of this melee of existences, reinventions and new beginnings, ending up in quite a mundane but nevertheless highly visible ‘day job’ somewhere in England, really wanting to communicate some of this to a granddaughter who, through mother lineage, brings a further and different nationality into the pot.  Looking further back however, I come from the most staid and uneventful background anyone can imagine, no great mysteries, hardworking calvinist folks from middle holland, although there is the suspicion that on my mother’s side there may have been some ‘travellers’ blood somewhere along the line.  Is that what sparked it all of into a different direction as far as I’m concerned?  Much more interesting than counting words, you’re right Jose!



  1. I’m pleased I’ve been of help. Sometimes what to some appears as “staid and uneventful” to others do seem very interesting.

    The human factor is always full of mysteries and surprises.

    To try and find what’s hidden is the most difficult task for an author.

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