Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 1, 2007

Travelogue (cont’d).


It rained non-stop today and I do wonder little Lara how we would have kept you busy, a two year old who wants to discover the world and is not hampered by weather, does not understand the restrictions that rain, endless rain, may pose on going out and releasing energy.  You always seem very busy – the last time I phoned your father said you were busy doing ‘the laundry’, having just come back from a weekend away with your parents, you had no time to come to the phone.  Well, fair enough, your business is just as important as anyone else’s I suppose and we do all exude this aura of ‘business’ in our daily lives, you’re only imitating the adults around you.    How have we got to this?  How long can the adults in your life prevent you from becoming just as obsessed as the world around you?  Business does not really mean anything.

So you said ‘schusz!’ in a very determined voice, and I wonder whether you have already forgotten the English ‘bye bye’, or whether it is simply the current world you live in, dealing with one at the time.  When I say ‘See you later alligator!’ you repeat in absolute wonderment ‘alligator!’ and so you remember the games we played last Christmas. What goes on in the brain of a two year old?  But you remember and that’s good.  Can parents and grandparents ever want their children, their grandchildren to be happy and it happens?  No, life is cruel; all we can do is provide a cocoon of self-assurance, contentedness in making you feel good about yourself.  That’s what I want for you, whatever you do.

Well, the rain stopped eventually, and we walked, a stiff walk, to Vouvent ‘the painters’ village’ where people strolled about, happy the weather had cleared at long last, looking at the paintings in the many local ateliers, enjoying the bit of sunshine and the walks around beautiful views and vistas.  It’s a nice little place and we wonder whether perhaps we should just sell up in England, have money left over, and come and live here.  Property seems cheap at the price – when we left, the owner said as much: you can buy two for the price of one in England here!

The gite is very conducive to thinking and writing and with rain crashing down on everything outside (but I gather that England is even worse, much worse) the rooms are comfortable and I listen to the ‘Songs of the Auvergne’ as I sit and think and write.

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