Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 10, 2007

A challenge: reading ‘travel’ books

 On 15 June  the ‘My life in books’ posted the Armchair Reader Traveler – which I found through Mat ‘s blog (thanks!) .  It challenges participants to read six ‘travel’ books between 1 July and December 2007.   So, having come back from my holidays and nowhere else to go for a while (except of course to see family in the Netherlands and Germany, but hey, they’re not exactly exotic places are they?) I want to take up the challenge.  I’m a bit miffed that I cannot enter any books I’ve read before 1 July as I still think that Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun (Nigeria) is a must for anyone vaguely interested in other countries and places.  But I’ve already reviewed that so it cannot count (according to the rules)!  Another one I reviewed recently is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Spain)

So the challenge now is to find a list of six interesting books that I want to read and provide another six that I may want to swap some of the titles with.  I’m not sure if we are allowed to have books on the list that others have already entered, but that’s too bad.  I’ll just draw up my own list – here it goes (it may well change though as I have not had much time to think about this and I feel I’m already behind everyone else!

 Some of these are waiting on my shelf, others I will have to order:

Joseph Conrad ‘Heart of Darkness’ (Belgian Congo)

Sousan Azadi with Angela Ferrante ‘ Out of Iran’ (Iran)

Hamida Ghafour ‘The Sleeping Buddha’ (Afghanistan)

Alan Spence ‘the Pure Land’  (Japan)

Nasrin Alavi ‘We are Iran’ (Iran)

Kiran Desai ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ (India) 

Possible alternatives?

Bill Bryson ‘Neither Here nor There’ (Europe) – not sure though…

JM Coetzee ‘Disgrace’ (Africa)

Ian McEwan ‘Amsterdam’ (The Netherlands)

Chinu Achebe ‘Things fall apart’ (Nigeria) 

Cannot think of any others that fall in the (extended) category ‘Travel’, so may add or change…..


  1. Way to go! I haven’t drawn up the list yet, have to stop by the bookstore and rummage through the shelf. Since I’ll be traveling to Malaysia and Thailand this winter, I’ll put in a couple titles on that region.

  2. Makes sense! I was quite hasty and am already revising – see next blog. Good to hear from you.

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