Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 14, 2007

Fish jumps out of pond an dies

The little pond in the garden is a bit overgrown and needs looking at.  Two weeks holiday have not helped.  There are in fact two little ponds, one slightly above the other, connected by a waterrun, circulating the water from one to the other when he pump is running.  The fish are in the higher pond, until about six months ago a big black one somehow or other managed its way into the lower one, which is in a bit of state.  Plants had grown wild but were trimmed back.  The oxygenators seemed to have successfully defeated the weed, until we came back from holiday and it was everywhere again.  The fish, a big black one, was difficult to spot and several attempts at trying to catch it and move it back to to the higher pond, where another five or so could keep it company, failed. 

Yesterday morning, looking out of the window I noticed a lot of splashing and to my surprise the fish was actually jumping up against the side of the pond, as if it wanted to jump out, go on a trip somewhere else.  It tried a few times, but failed.  At lunch time we had another attempt at catching it, armed with two separate nets, but could not find it.  Too late now: this morning it was lying on the grass, dead.  It must have tried again and this time been successful: a successful jump to die.  What do you make of that?  Fish on suicide mission.  Or: fish travels and meets its death.  Or: fish in distress.  Or: whatever.



  1. Hi, seachanges. I’ve been going through a hectic week which hasn’t permitted me to write until now.

    In my opinion the two changes that fish made in the two ponds provoked a kind of madness in it which made it look desperately for the right environment, unsuccessfuly obviously.

  2. Your fish are evolving. Next they will be walking about your garden, chattering and laughing. What do you feed them?

  3. mmmm, yes, I am still wondering, but then lots of animals seem to have taken to our garden and not long ago a grass snake slithered away from that pond. Meanwhile one of the many woodpigeons that comes and visits us and eats our left-over bread from the backgarden also went on a suicide mission, flew against one of the upstairs windows and crashed to the ground – stone dead.. Should I begin to feel guilty about all this or do these animals have thoughtprocesses of their own that I somehow or other cannot fathom?
    Maybe it’s a bit of both:
    Jose’s suggestion that they are constantly looking for the right environment and somehow or other don’t find it here.
    Reluctantscribe: you may have hit the nail on the head: perhaps it’s the left over bread that somehow or other gets into the food chain and is causing havoc.

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