Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 15, 2007

Where from here?

My room embraces me, keeping me safe, that’s how it feels. All my space, familiar, books, paper. Andrea Bocelli and Sentimento keep the working week away. Outside thunder erupts, dark grey sky, lashing rain against the open window. It’s sultry and the air so still.  I ask myself, where will I go from here?

Must shake off these cobwebs!

My travel companion, Leo the African (or Hasan son of Muhammed al-Wazzan) has left Granada with his family, his father and his mother.  Then as they reach Fez his father’s second wife, turns up again. Originally she had been taken captive by muslems and Hasan’s father fell in love with her, married her as his second wife. However, once recaptured by King Ferdinand, her brother takes her back to her family, to the chagrin of her husband and herself. He has found a way to make her come back and she will therefore join them in Fez. Spain is now in the hands of the Inquisition.

So I’m now entering the Book of Fez, and will further travel with Leo whilst on anothe work trip to London, on the way back on the train on Tuesday – something to look forward to!



  1. I see we share preferences for Bocelli. You have chosen the darkest and brightest, all in one, era of the Spanish history. Enjoy the reading.

    By the way I can see similarities between those times and today’s, because I observe there’s a kind of inquisition also today regarding other faiths, on one and the other side of the fence.

  2. Yes, agree about the different cultures and religions still locked in battles, the different ascendancies: that’s why this book is so fascinating.

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