Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 13, 2007

Musings on creative writing

This book reading business becomes quite addictive and with it the urge to write and write better and write more frequently.   I have decided to be damned for what I want to do most:  to write , and so to become better at it and feed my curiousity about styles, methods, voices, etc I have signed up for another course, a more extensive one which will include poetry and biography writing as well as aspects of publishing.  Here comes the ‘be damned’ bit: it will require some 16 hours a week according to the blurb, 16 HOURS A WEEK, where am I going to find that?  Just add it all up for a week: work last year took some 60 hours (average 10-12 hours plus some weekend reading thrown in for good measure); sleep plus getting up and all that: 72 hours, that’s a total of 132 hours and as there are only 168 hours to play around with, this leave around 36 hours to eat, socialise, READ, talk to husband (once in a while), chat to children and grandchild over the phone, shopping, tidying up clothes, some housework here and there although admittedly I don’t do much of that, and what else?  Well, I’ve just decided that I can easily fit it in, will just have to go easy on the work from now on!  And after all, I have been finding time to write the blog and do lots of reading up till now.  Any suggestions?  I’m really quite excited about it and cannot wait to get started again!


  1. I seem to have snapped into a rhythm that I write for 4-5 hours one day a week. I would schedule this “quiet time” which takes precedence over any appointment. This is when I plan ahead for blog posts, write book reviews and conduct other brainstorming. I make sure my reading will never spill into this uninterrupted block of time in which I don’t accept any phone call.

  2. That sounds like excellent advice: I need the discipline and tend to go from one thing to the other, reading, writing, blogging, commenting…. etc. I’ve got to ‘block out’ a few of those quiet times.

  3. This post made me smile.
    You’ll find the time to write because it is a need within you. Discipline, always carrying a notebook and pen, perhaps tidying less and starting to consider the assignments before the course starts will all help. Most courses have the outline online before the course date. I stay up late and go to bed thinking about characters (which is not good), I plot whilst travelling and I jot down notes during teaching.
    You sound so enthused. I look forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Would that I were able to follow that advice. Only time I have to write a little bit is very early in the morning, but that gives me time just to read my mail, the media, the forums and blogs, and then avail myself of any moments during the day to follow up.

    Weekends are different and then it is when I can do more and catch up with what I have to say.

  5. Caroline: I’m definitely following up your advice and carry notebooks around with me wherever I go. Most of my assignments were written that way. Do keep in touch: I greatly value your comments and admire what you’re doing!
    Jose: That’s just like my life: nowadays I also snatch bits and pieces on the train and wherever I go or find myself – I’ve become quite obsessed by snatching time! I just love the weekends: they’re MINE.

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