Posted by: Corri van de Stege | September 25, 2007

Life’s too short

So many things to do, so many things to see, so many books to read, so many…..  etc.
Autumn’s a coming and the summer disappearing fast: a lousy summer, by all accounts, in England and much of northern Europe, too hot in southern Europe, floods, forest fires and even tornadoes.  We’ve had them all. 

I’m off for a few days, my work schedule a bit relentless, and I will go quiet unless in between somewhere on a motorway, an airport or a hotel room I find the space (and inspiration) to write. 

Still practising the haiku’s – the notebook always with me.

The tree stands alone,
sombre, dark, still and majestic
with my mysteries.

Anyone else wants a try?  It’s actually not that simple, as you have to stick to the prescribed number of syllables across the three lines: 5, 7, 5.


  1. I’m also preoccupied with man-made disaster. The political situation in Burma worries me. 😦

  2. Writing haiku is great practice for ridding one’s writing of anything redundant. You really have to focus on the core image or thought. I like this one, but would avoid using a word such as ‘majestic’. It’s too abstract in this context. Why not go for something concrete that adds to the picture you’ve drawn?

  3. Haiku’s rush over my head, as does most poetry. I have promised myself that I will try and read more and try to understand!
    Hope your travel goes well.
    Take care.

  4. It’s alright critisising, but here’s my paltry effort:
    An orange brick:
    Oil’s on the cobblestones
    And the radio cackles.
    Hope the travelling is not wearing you out too much and you had the right clothes with you 😉

  5. Enjoy travelling around, seachanges. That’ll do nothing but good.

  6. Matt: Burma is very very worrying – horrendous what is happening there. Incomprehensible how mankind manages to destroy itself, over and over again.

    ArioF- good advice! You’re also catching the abstractness of haiku’s, with the surprising end. Will practice a bit more 🙂

    Caroline: got back in one piece – unfortunately had no opportunities to look at my blog or e-mails: one of those weeks! Am catching up. Part of the course is on poetry so I’m having to get the hang of it all somehow 🙂

    Jose: good to see you back – hope the internet works perfectly – have now got my copy of ‘the Shadow in the Wind’.

    Ario: yes it helps having a car with a large boot in which you just throw whatever…

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