Posted by: Corri van de Stege | October 23, 2007

musings on work and books

Every so often we disappear, and I will do just that for the next two days – the trials and tribulations of away days at work, when directorates, teams and such assorted people are required to learn to live with each other and bond, so that work becomes more efficient and happier for ever after.  A strange notion when you think that this same organisation will cease to exist in a couple of months time and that I myself will be saying good-bye in a week’s time to take up a different post.  However….  I shall enjoy myself as prescribed!

In addition I have added a couple of books to my Russian reading challenge – and wonder how on earth I am going to read five of these tombs next year when my reading pile is forever increasing AND I seriously spend time writing, and… etc.  The other side of the coin is that I actually quite enjoy all of this and it keeps me balanced and sane in between work and other things.

Yesterday a pile of books arrived from Amazone, haphazard some of them, others chosen with intent:

Alan Weisman – The World Without Us (much recommended by Matt)

Flannery O’Connor – A good man is hard to find

Guy the Maupassant – The Best Short Stories

Rosamund Lehmann – The Echoing Grove (reacquired for the simple reason I know I once had it and greatly liked it, so for the rereading pile)

John Gardner – The Art of Fiction (much recommended here and there)

From the bookshops I acquired

Julie Walter – Maggie’s Tree (I am really really curious about this as I much loved her in the film ‘Educating Rita’ and have not come across her as a writer before)

Margaret Atwood – Moral Disorder

Margaret Forster – Over

And on top of this I just notice that Kate has just published a book of short stories ‘all in together girls’ – so that will have to be ordered/bought fairly soon as well. 

I think I will retire soon!  Work is getting soooo in the way of things.

No blog for at least two days, however, I will take my notebook, promise!

And as a final: does any of you have any good recommendations for books about the fifties, sixties and seventies, that play in Germany and the Netherlands??  Just thougth I’d ask.


  1. LOL. I sometimes wonder whether your days have the same 24 hours mine has. Where you find your time is a miracle for me.

    Enjoy your time off while you can. Best.+++

  2. I need to get back to Margaret Atwood as well. The last one was Handmaid’s Tale, which I have still not reviewed!

    Enjoy the time off! 🙂

  3. Jose: had a great time, too much wine, and no writing,but hey, sometimes you have to let your hair down…
    Matt: I am so impressed with all your reviews!

  4. Pleased to hear that, Seachanges. Indeed, life has many aspects we sometimes ignore.

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