Posted by: Corri van de Stege | October 26, 2007


the-nicolai-church.jpgthe-organ-in-leipzig.jpglittle-girls-with-designer-handbags.jpgPenguinsreal-tigers-in-the-leipziger-zoo.jpgThe Cossacks                   

Just a few weeks ago I spent a weekend in Leipzig – a favourite haunt of mine…  You come across all kinds of things in this town, ranging from cossacks seemingly just come of the stage performing real big opera to casual Saturday shoppers in the middle of their leisurely Saturday morning stroll,  to tigers and elephants in the zoo as well as girls with attitudes and designer handbags.   There is also of course the Nicolai church where the big uprising began against the Berlin Wall, and then there’s Bach and organ music.   I thought I’d share that with you, it was a bewildering experience, especially as we tend to think of Leipzig as sedate and boring, it isn’t!


  1. Never been to Leipzig, but it looks to me like those wonderful, old European towns full of souvenirs of another time.

  2. What lovely pictures you’ve got. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad you had a relaxing time.

    I doubt the town will be boring, in fact, the tranquility that the pictures convey is very appealing. A perfect place for getting away from city and of course, for reading! 🙂

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