Posted by: Corri van de Stege | October 31, 2007

Virtual Rejections

The blogging world is a strange one, it forms its own communities, created out of words and images and sounds, strung together, always different.  Sometimes you meet blogs and you like them and you try to leave a response, spontaneously, because that’s what it is about, isn’t it?  But then.  Then you hit Big Brother, or the guard, or whatever it is, the letter scrambler.  That letter scrambler does not like me, it laughs at me, stops my responses from ever getting past its wagging finger.  I have left responses with blogs that I like or that have hit on something I find interesting and they are friendly remarks, I am a nice person after all.  But then.  Then I have to get past Big Brother, the letter scrambler, I type in the letters, correctly I think, and then.  Then my sentences are thrown back at me: Ha ha, we won’t have you.  Try again!  And I do, honestly I do.  A new letter combination turns up and I dutifully type them in, thinking I may just have misread the first one.   But then.  Then the messages make another summersault and again it comes back, the bar empty and Big Brother in the form of a new letter combination above it: Try this one…. We won’t let you pass.

They don’t like me?  Well, forget it then; I won’t be your friend either!

There’s something quite eerie about such rejections, a feeling of helplessness, and sometimes I wonder whether perhaps my eye was lasered completely out of tune with those letter puzzles, and what I see is different from what there is.

Any thoughts?


  1. Have you checked if you have registered in the server the particular blog belongs to? For instance if it is a Google blog you must be registered at Google’s. Otherwise you may send your comments as anonymous.

    If you let me know which blogs you have been experiencing those difficulties with, I may have a look and check for your sake.

  2. Oh those bloody letters. There are a couple of blogs where my comments now and then disappear too. And I have heard some are unable to comment on my blog. But unfortunately there have been quite a lot of spam bombardments of late which is why most blogspot bloggers have activated the letter scrambler. It’s good at keeping spam out, but unfortunately it has its glitches. Also, the verification code seems to be timed. Take too long writing a comment and the original verification code becomes invalid after which google will give you a new one. Mess that one up and you only get one more chance after which your original comment automatically disappears… So, it’s a bit like entering your pincode.

    About blog communities. I have the feeling that most blogs become a bit too safe and stale after a time with the people that comment there. Plus it’s only courteous as a blogger to reply to all the (decent) comments that are left. People take their time to leave a comment after all. I am not sure why some bloggers don’t reply to comments. Perhaps they only need the ego stroking and can do without too much communication.

  3. I forgot my password to Blogger after I switched to WordPress. One day, I was denied to comment at a blogspot blog and ever since then, I couldn’t gain access. When I tried to retrieve my Blogger password, they keep asking me for my Google password, which I don’t have. I got so frustrated that I simply gave up.

    As to the blog communities. I agree that blogs with regular/frequent updates have attained steady readership will be a bit indifferent. I can be like that except I’m at times too busy with replying to comments. 🙂

    I program my blog posts so readers might be mistaken that I am not replying to comments but the truth is that I haven’t even been around on days on end!

  4. Spam. Even my posts have been trapped by the Spam filtre. The only thing I have to do is go to the comments filtre and de-spam those that have been erroneously spammed.

    I also had problems with the Google password. I’ll have a check and try to remember how I solved it, it was a long time ago.

  5. It seems I’m not the only one that is having problems – is that a consolation? I’ll think about it.
    Jose: Thanks for your offer to help, it is very much appreciated. I don’t really want a Google password though, cannot remember the ones I’ve got now for numerous activities 🙂 xx
    ArioF: That came from the heart! I think I now understand what happens and that I cannot do much about it! I will leave you an answer, every time, unless I really am deep in workland and unreachable, promise xx
    Mat: that’s really clever actually – I must learn how to do that. I am most impressed by your regular and thoughtful updates xx

  6. I feel bad now. I had to put the letter thing back on my blog because of all the spam I was getting 😦 Please don’t blame the blog writer – blame the nasty spam people.
    I have been drowning. Life gets in the way a bit too much as of late.

  7. Not blaming you at all Caroline! Yours is one I mastered 🙂

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