Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 5, 2007


I’ve been away for three days and the wifi in the hotel was absolutely lousy – I managed to download about three e-mails (for work) and then it totally died on me (honestly, I know how to do this stuff!).  So there I am, in the middle of the deep South of England, working all day, stuck in a hotel, reading a bit late at night, wanting to blog, but hey ho, no such luck: I cannot acccess the internet and that includes my own blog! 

Surprise surprise, I come back after a very efficient flight, one hour from Exeter to Norwich, with a subsequent horror drive back home which should have taken me under an hour but instead took me through the wildst of Norfolk, having been off-loaded from the main road by police in the dark in yellow jackets (you know the kind – they just wave you, admonish you to go left and so you follow the car and the truck and the van and the lorry in front of you and go, to end up on unlit, dark, and muddy country lanes and realise half way that you are absolutely stuck because there are lorries trying to go both ways as the traffic coming from further up that main road have also been waved off onto this same muddy lane, and there’s now no way out, so it takes you three times as long to get from your local airport to your home as it does from the deep south of England to Norfolk by plane, etc. etc.) and then you arrive home and have a glass of wine and think you have a quick look at your blog and, unbelievably, your readership has surged in your absence.  That is, according to the wonderful blog stats provided by wordpress, maybe I’m being duped.    However, I wonder now whether it is stroking my ego, that my absence can induce people to look at my blog more often than when I’m there and posting all my wonderful thoughts and am eagerly waiting for readership and comments.  Weird.

I still don’t know why I and all those other poor sods tonight were flagged of that main road.

I will try to do some more posting this week, promise, but in the back of my head is that niggling feeling that I just have masses, and I mean masses, of work to do.  The last three days were work too, mind you, and I did give whatever my poor brains are capable of nowadays.

 Well, perhaps the last three days should teach me a lesson: it’s better not to post because people will pop in and see whether there is something there, and then come back, and wonder, and come back just in case you have posted.  Is that how it works?



  1. Perhaps the solution with your travels is helicopters, seachanges. LOL.

    In earnest, I bet this fills your life with new unexpected surprises. In this case it made you write these great lines of prose which illustrate me and tell me life in rural Britain keeps being the same, except for the traffic in roads.

    As we say here there’s no evil without a good side effect. Excuse my poor translation. In Spanish is longer : No hay mal que por bien no venga. Literally: there is no evil that for good does not come. Difficult isn’t it?

  2. I had the same problem with the wi-fi when I was staying at a hotel in Berlin a little while ago. It kept crashing. The only solution that I had was to reboot the laptop everytime it did that and that seemed to do the trick. Some days were better than others anyway.
    I wouldn’t worry about blogging in December. Visitor numbers and comments are actually down everywhere (don’t trust the wordpress stats, I actually think they sometimes mistakenly count every visit double) and it looks like a lot of bloggers have gone into hibernation. There is something like real life to be getting on with, isn’t there 🙂
    Anyway. Hope you’re well and speak soon 🙂

  3. Jose: great to see you back in the land of the living! I like the Spanish expression. The Dutch expression is someting like ‘there is always sunshine after the rain’… great how every country finds its own solution to setbacks!

    Ario: You are so right – real life is always more interesting and I was expressing sheer amazement at the fickleness of everything – I did not even bother with the rebooting, just got fed up! and decided it was just one of those things.. 🙂

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