Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 29, 2007

So this was Christmas 2007

Having looked forward to the break and Christmas so much and it already seems history.  It’s all over, again, for another year.  January is looming large, but the good thing is that the days will get longer and there is now the summer to look forward to.  How come we appear to be wishing our lives away?   The actual enjoyment seems so short lived.  We have some wonderful pictures though to remind ourselves of the good times.


Granddaughter speaks an even more beautiful mixture of German and English and having received the best christmas present ever is set to become an accomplished guitar player cum singer, or perhaps she’ll just go for the dancing and the acting.  The guitar was definitely a great success and she is seriously imitating Corinne Bailey Rae, down to the facial expressions and the movements and the singing, loud please, having watched how she does it on a DVD.  

Then all of a sudden, remembering Father Christmas, whom she met in a department store as an English version and in her Play group in Germany in the German version, she proclaims ‘Ich habe Angst’ only to come round and ask when he, die Weihnachtsmann or Fadther kismas’ will come again?  She’d like a few more presents please, it’s all been so much fun. 

Reading-wise I have done badly, managed a couple of short stories here and there, some by Haruki Murakami from Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (mesmerising) and one or two more by Kate Sutherland  from ‘All in Together Girls’.  In addition I am picking a few bits out of White Heat, by Dominic Sandbrook.  This is a history of Britain in the Swinging Sixties and had excellent reviews when it came out in paperback this year.  It is a follow up from Never had it so Good, which covers the history of Britain from Suez to the Beatles.  It is very readable and good reference material as well as providing that helpful reminder to someone whose brain seems to become forgetful.  

And then of course I have to finish that story, 2200 words plus commentary, before January 4th.   I’ve written it, but need to edit and write the commentary.  Well, there is New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Today my blog is one year old and I have changed the header to celebrate…. 



  1. Happy blog birthday! I like the new header. It does indeed have me looking toward summer…

  2. Yes, Christmas was over so quickly! 358 more sleeps until Fadther Kismas comes again? Oh my, that’s a long time…..

    Happy blog birthday and happy new year!

  3. Happy Blog birthday.
    All good wishes for 2008.

  4. One year already? It seems to me it was just yesterday.

  5. Kate – thank you, nice to see you around! Yes, the summer…. x
    Spider – days fly past too quickly, don’t worry, it’ll be christmas again soon. x
    Caroline – and to you…x
    Jose – mmm, a lot of time spent on yesterday, x 🙂

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