Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 15, 2008


I am now the proud owner of a small but beautiful little button with the text I’ve found Adam 010208.  I’ve worn it all day – unfortunately, there was no one around to ask me what this is about, who Adam is or where I’ve found him. That’s because there are lots of days in my working life on which I work from home, tied to my work desk, glued to a computer screen, with a telephone ringing once in a while, writing, researching and writing some more.   No, not creative writing, say, a first draft for a novel or even a poem.  No: what I put together are large and weighty reports, studies, on a very wide range of educational, training and skills areas.  Sometimes I write bids for more projects that will subsequently keep me even busier with large and weighty reports and research.  You get the picture.  You may well ask what the difference is between this work and creative writing?  I leave that up to you to decide.

Today was one of those days, with rain slashing against the window, gloomy semi light outside and the desk lamp on all day (yes, England is flooding again it appears).  So therefore there was no one to see my button!

Well, just once more then.   If you want to know who Adam is, and in thanks to Caroline who sent me this little treasure of a button, go and look here.  And if you have found him and want a button to prove it, then, just maybe, Caroline has one for you as well.  Be very aware that they are gold dust!

On top of this free gift of a button, I am also enjoying a series of little give-aways that come with the Guardian, for six consecutive days.  They are little booklets, not buttons, and they tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Greek myths, starting with the Origins of the Gods.  Today I received number three Thebes.  Three more days to go of more surprises and for free at that.  January may just be a good month after all.  These booklets are actually little gems for someone like me who is forever muddled about who was married to Zeus and who produced the Cyclops, which godly brothers had incestuous relationships with  mother and sister goddesses and what is the origin of the Narcissus story.

I can now mug up on all of these stories every morning, while pedalling away on my exercise bike.  Makes for quite an enjoyable way of exercising and starting the day…

And yes, all of you waiting for my comments on the Master and Marguerita: I am also reading at a steady pace and will get on with it right now!



  1. I mug up these Russian literature all day before the semester begins tomorrow. Actually I’ve got an e-mail and a couple voice mails asking if I’ll fill in for another GSI (grad student instructor) for discussion groups.

    The button looks very pretty and special!

  2. Lovely way to spend your time: mugging up on Russian literature. Cannot we swap dayjobs?

  3. Glad that the button arrived with you. I appear to have sent out some empty envelopes – I think it may be my age 🙂


  4. Spring term has started this week, meaning that I’ll devote some of my time to some of the books my students are reading. I have to prep for discussion sections. But still it’s not too bad, I can still zip through the Russian challenge. 🙂

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