Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 4, 2008

On the road (again) this time with sat nav

The reader stats for this blog are going down – that’s what happens when you don’t clock in regularly.  Yes, I’m still around, battling the clock, the speedometer, the speed camera’s, the deadlines, my own reading and writing goals and the reading challenges.  And suddenly I find myself in this hotel, after some 500 miles and two (?) meetings/interviews in order to get myself to the next meeting tomorrow morning.  This is crazy of course, but part of my life. 

I bought myself this wonderful sat nav last weekend and it saved my sanity today, driving from Norfolk to a Bristol office, then to a college to interview a principal and then to cross country (AND the M25) to find myself on the M20 with the weirdest of announcements that this motorway is closed because of ‘STACK’ – this seems to be a coded message for something like all the heavy lorries are being parked on the motorway between junctions 11 and 12 because there is a strike on the cross channel ferries….    Well, that is how I made sense of it and I may very well have completely misunderstood what is going on there….  Anyway, part of the mystery of living in England (an island).

I think that all I’m trying to say this late in the day is that the world seems terribly surreal.

 And  yes, I do still read, and even write.  I just cannot write a sensible blog.  Just to let you know: I’m onto short stories, biographies and more life writing (that is, biography as well as autobiography as well as travel writing as well as…..)…

 Sat navs are just the most wonderful inventions for someone like me who needs a soothing voice at the end of a long day, telling me I’ll be alright and this wonderful voice/person will get me back home, don’t worry!  I love this computer voice…  She is quickly becoming my guardian angel! Without her I might still be sitting somewhere along one of these dark roads, cars zooming past me, wondering whether I was still part of the real world.




  1. Sometimes real life intrudes so meanly into our muse, doesn’t it? Traffic “stacks” and weather, obligations and meetings … all conspire to keep us from the world of books and letters and the lives of others.

    I’m glad your navigation system is keeping you on track – at least on the roadways – and that you continue to have books as your traveling companions.

    Safe journeys…

  2. To someone who has only been to Europe once and whose activities center within 50 miles the radius of London, the road system does sound very surreal!

    I like the term “traffic stack”, which sounds so much more civilized than “traffic jam.”

  3. I share your “too busy to blog” sentiments. I’ve been running crazy myself, and my stats are going down quick!

  4. At least that small “E.T.” invention that accompanies you in your difficult displacements will make your driving life more carriable.

    Something to thank technology for, don’t you think?

    Other gadgets have been concocted to make our lives hard to live.

  5. I just realized I don’t think I popped over to welcome you to the Neustadt Challenge. I’m glad you’re participating!

    And if I did come by, and forgot, I’m sorry! Things have been a bit crazily busy in my home lately. 🙂

  6. thanks all for your commisserations 🙂 felt greatly heartened by it
    ravenous reader: nice meeting you on the road! got back in one piece and yes, real life can be a bit of a nuisance…
    matt: these stacks are like library stacks: mile upon mile of parked lorries, occupying the motorway so that the poor ‘casual’ driver needs to find her way along unknown b-roads (in the dark).. x
    andi: we’re obviously trying to do too many things all at once… too bad on the stats! x
    jose: on the whole I love my gadgets – could not live without them and always willing to try the next one! Just chuck them if they don’t comply is my motto! x

    alisia: thank you so much for popping by and I have been just as uncoordinated this week so will today try and make amends for my own lack of contributions around the blogosphere! Look forward to get going on your challenge!

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