Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 13, 2008

Well, one more poem

I am pleased to say that I got back my poetry submission and feel encouraged by the comments I got.  So, rather than putting it back into my folder I’m going to share one here, tonight.  Some more to come, some other time….

The tenor

The old man sat in the café behind
the window,  looking out into the murky
muddy streets.  A colder wind would soon embrace
the yellow lamps.

Another coffee? the waitress asked, but he
shook his head.  She took away the empty dirty cup
and I wondered what would happen next
as I looked up from my book.

He’d been a famous tenor once; I used
to listen to him, singing Tosti’s Serenata,
caressed by his seductive voice. I imagined
his house, full of delicate and priceless objects,
while he listens to music in the well-lit drawing room
with open fire.

Suddenly he got up and left as I sat and
watched him disappear into the darkness.



  1. Yes. What’s the life any person we see out in the streets , on a train, everywhere, like. Do we really come to know any person, though they may live even with us? Is poetry imagination?

  2. I quite enjoyed this. You evoked the mood and scene so beautifully, as well as the poignancy about the man and his past.

    Very nice!

  3. jose: I think poetry are particular versions of short stories – they can be based on real events or ‘fictitious’. I am beginning to appreciate the subtlety of poetry more and more.
    ravenous reader: thank you.

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