Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 19, 2008

Too many days on the road

Even trying to update this blog, quickly and efficiently, seems to take ages.  Downloading the site alone takes an inordinate length of time , but is that perhaps because I am impatient and want everything to happen at the click of my finger because there are so many things I want to / need to / do?  Time is at a premium at the moment – I have travelled about 250 miles today, sat in two meetings and  interviewed three different people while on the road, scribbling down their answers to my questions on future educational provision in one form or another.  Meanwhile I am thinking about the biography I want to,  yes really want to, write.   Life becomes quite surrealist.  Poetry is far removed from the daily grind. 

 So I’ve made a deal with my boss, as it is really important that this one report gets written before Tuesday and as I’m the only sod without having made any arrangements whatsoever because I was going to bury myself quietly in Norfolk: I will work over Easter and instead of having a miserably cold day off on Good Friday /Bank Holiday Monday I will take off one sunny day in the future.  How is that for a deal?  Somehow I still feel cheated though…   ’cause I want to write….. I want four days all to myself.  I will write that report though.  And book reviews in between, if I get half a chance, plus thoughts on that next piece of writing, the biography….  What do you think?

 And now, to bed: up at 5.30 to catch that train.  Oh yes, I got to use that sat nav again today: it’s a wonderful companion and I don’t feel lost anymore, ever, that soothing voice, calmly redirecting me is quite comforting, almost like god watching over you, only this one is female.  I need to think about that.



  1. LOL.Be careful, seachanges, this satnav of yours may go out of order. To rely too much on machines is not convenient for our brains.If I could I would shout what I am typing now out of the window. LOL.

  2. Busy busy! And I thought my schedule was a pain. 🙂

  3. Jose: having joined my life with Satnav I’d be very sad if it let me down, ever! 🙂
    Andi: mmmm, pain is not over yet. It keeps us on our toes though 🙂

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