Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 14, 2008

On the road – again

Weekdays are miles away from Sundays (literally and figuratively) and sitting in Salons and reading books and commenting on books!  Aren’t they just.  After over 500 miles in two days and visiting the lovely Wales, I am contemplating what to write to keep you happy.  Yes, I’m still reading although I must admit I fell asleep after reading about 3 more pages of Malouf last night in this wonderfully quaint hotel called ‘The Speech House – go and visit, I just did not have enough time to really savour it all, it’s somewhere in the Forest of Deans in Wales.   I arrived after a long hot spell in the car on motorways only to discover that the access road my sat nav took me to, was closed because of a land slide…   Well, sat navs being what they are, they give up telling you to turn round and after persisting for some time on the main road it recalculated another way for me to get there, eventually.  So, I did not have to spend the night at the side of the roads with the sheep and lambs that seemed to settle as night was falling.   No, I had a nice meal with a colleague in The Speech House, where we worked a bit more on our presentation the next morning and where I fell asleep soundly, admittedly after half a bottle of wine, with the clear air of the forest knocking me out completely. 

I found out that I had to resubmit this story for my course in a slightly different format, so I panicked a bit as I had been quite pleased with myself and being virtuous as I had already submitted  it on Sunday.  So I have now reformatted according to the standards set by the OU.  All this has caused havoc with most of my fellow students I gather from the forum, as instructions are to be found, only this time round, in both course book and guide book.  And the deadline is Friday.

And so, tomorrow (Thursday) I’m off to Sussex to do some more presentations on a completely different project, for which I am also writing the report.  So you see, I do an awful lot of writing, only the creative bit is squeezed out of the picture, every so often.




  1. I hope the weekend will descend upon you soon so you can enjoy some reading. We’re hit by a rare heat wave in San Francisco, temperature climbing to 26C.

    I have been reading a couple non-fiction on the roll, both very grim and upsetting so I need to break the spell and read some fiction. Looking into The Commoner by John Schwartz.

    Have a safe travel.

  2. But you don’t forget us even so, seachanges. Nature always asks for its due, so you must yield to it and lay to sleep for a while. You’ll get up fresher and abler to keep us thinking.

  3. Ah that fresh forest air…. No wonder you slept so well. I’ve been to Wales once, but long ago. I would very much like to return.

    I wonder how you juggle the back and forth between your work writing and creative writing. Do you have rituals tha help you make the transition? or a work space that signals creativity? or is it easier than that?

    Looking forward to the Salon. TJ

  4. Matt: our mini heatwave has come and gone and it’s back to the cool spring showers. Enjoy the fiction
    Jose: caught up on my sleep yesterday with a 10 hour stint – must have been tired!
    TJ: Juggling is the word – rituals are broken constantly

  5. Very good. Sometimes we don’t realise we are tired because we get so used to being working that the idea of rest doesn’t occur to us.

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