Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 26, 2008

Back to reality

And so I’m back.  Granddaughter is three years old and speaks German fluently…  quite amazing really when you think about it.  How does she do it?   Her grandmother is Dutch but English-speaking, her father is half Dutch/Iranian and speaks English to her, ok her mother is German, and her grandparents on mother’s side are German, but her other grandfather is Iranian and her step grandfather is English and one of her uncles is Dutch…  Oh my.   Are you still following all this?  She is very sane though and an absolute delight.  I’m glad to say she is very interested in English words too and wants to know about the bags that contain my make up and other such delights: ‘Wie heisst das?’  and so I tell her the English words for toilet bags and make-up bags, but also for lions and libraries and she repeats them with a very self-satisfied smirk on her face.  Granddaughters are a delight.  Honestly.  They are so clever!  They understand and speak languages quite naturally. And they love pink skirts and jeans with big bows and fancy dresses as well as books and running around and laughing their heads of.

Today I spent some five hours editing and re-editing the first chapte of my novel, to be submitted as part of my final assignment to the OU course. Tomorrow it is really back to reality: working life and editing a final (educational) report.  Next week, I promise, I will give you some more of my insights on novels and books I have read and am reading and I will catch up with all your blogs as well.



  1. Your visit sounds lovely and your granddaughter delightful. You capture her exuberance and energy very well! good to have you back!

  2. Aww, your granddaughter does sound lovely and wonderful!

  3. You sound, seachanges, like a loving granny must. I also belong to that club and know how it feels.

  4. Your grand-daughter is gonna be a linguist! 🙂

    Full hilt in War and Peace, well, because I’m making my summer students read it so I have to read along with them. It’s been very fun discussing issues regarding Napoleon, Russo-French War, and Tolstoy’s style, realism with them.

  5. tj, andi, jose: thank you so much for your kind words! She is of course adorable… 🙂
    Matt: I’ve given up on War and Peace for the time being, as you may have guessed: it’ll be in my holiday suitcase….

  6. What a lovely time you’ve had – making me yearn all the more for a grandchild of my own. Their exuberance and excitement is so contagious!

    Good luck with your re-writing…

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