Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 3, 2008

The Sunday Salon – of choices and reading and writing

This week has been a very mixed bag,  moving from utter and total despair about my writing to a kind of settlement, dipping into and out of a few books, reading the fantastically encouraging comments from fellow bloggers on my Wednesday post (and on other posts), and having slept fairly decently the last few nights I now feel that, really, life is not that bad.  I’m writing the odd paragraph and this morning much more than a paragraph (almost a whole chapter), I write my blogs, I read other people’s blogs and feel hugely encouraged by them, as if there are friends all over the world helping each other out and providing a mechanism of keeping motivated.  Thank you all!

If any of you have read, are reading or intend to read Breath by Tim Winton, then have a look at this.  The link was provided by rmnyet this week in a comment on my review of Breath.  Yes, indeed, this is what Pikelet and Loonie are up to and the book is just so marvellously well written because Winton is able to put all this in words, this huge wave, this impossibility.   And yes, the blue cover of the book captures some of it as well.  Thanks for the link rmnyet.    Actually, I hope the book wins the Booker!  There cannot be much writing that is better than this.

What else is in my Sunday Salon?  Well, yesterday, I’started and finished  Jeanette Winterson – Weight.  This is another book in the myth series and I love them all so far.  I am hooked on them.  This one is about choices and carrying the weight of the world (Atlas).  We can chose to do that, or simply put down the burden and carry on with our lives as they are.   It’s a lovely approach to the myth of Atlas and Heraclitus and it’s helping me think about my own choices.  In fact, I know that I must put down some of the weights I carry, they’re not glued to my back, I put them there, and I think that the world won’t go round without me taking them on.   Isn’t that what we were all blogging about on Wednesday?  We’ve got to let go of all the ‘weights’ that prevent us from writing (or reading) and simply get on with it.

I finished Kate Atkinson, One Good Turn and have a review tucked away.  I will post it this week some time.  I’ve dipped into and out of Assia Djebar’s Women of Algiers.   And last but not least I am thinking very hard about one of the characters in my novel, who, to begin with was supposed to be only a minor person but he is now beginning to grow on me and I have the urge to do something more with him.  Shall I?  He’s a red head, in my very very distant past there was someone like that that I had a bit of a crush on as a teenager and I’m now developing him into a full blown character.  What do you do with someone like that? He’s very insistent. Mmm, I might just work on him a bit and then see if I let him stay.  Is that the right approach?

Today I will spend time with the Sunday papers, as usual and if anything interesting comes up I’ll let you know.  It’s going to be a nice quiet Sunday, with lots of reading, I can tell.



  1. I was sorry to see that Winton’s book wasn’t on the Booker short list. I’ve yet to read the new one, but I love his writing in general, especially ‘The Riders’.

  2. Ann Darnton: so was I! I’ll get a copy of ‘The Riders’, thanks for this.

  3. I have the The Helmet Of Horror: The Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur (Myths) to read from the series. My Sunday Salon Post

  4. I love ‘Weight’ – the whole series is fabulous.

  5. Despair is normal for us writers when we can’t write. However, we do get over it and ome bak. Like you did here!

    yellowed piece of paper

  6. Sounds like Weight would be appropriate for me right now. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. John: have added them to my list 🙂
    Caroline: I so agree with you! x
    gautami: I know I know – I notice your c is still letting you down x
    Ex Libris: go for it – it’s fab.

  8. I’ve felt that way about my writing all week! It’s the pits but I know if I hang on in there I’ll come out the other side eventually. I must get into this series of rewritings of the myths. They do sound wonderful.

  9. I’m loving “Breath” and agree that the writing is brilliant. I’ve been dipping in and out of a few books recently but this one has managed to grab my attention and keep it.

  10. Both Breath and Weight sound very good. Jeanette Winterson has come up in much of my blog reading–I better start reading her soon. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  11. litlove: could not have expressed it better: writing is the pits, but we just want more of it, don’t we? I find the myth series very thought provoking and I learn a lot from them – which is what reading should be about, don’t you think?
    Pete: so glad you enjoy this book, it’s definitely a favourite of mine
    Matthew: yes, JW is a great writer; in addition, I like other stories in the myth series: they are such a fresh look at gods, devils and heroes and how they are part and parcel of the human psyche, in modern as well as ancient times….

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