Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 7, 2008

Write on Wednesday – and meanwhile it’s Thursday night

Yes, I know, it’s Thursday and I still haven’t posted….  You see, I had a bit of a problem: having travelled to Wales for the day time job with my job computer last Monday, I realised, when I arrived in my hotel, that I had forgotten my charger…  I needed to do urgent work, ‘real work’ (i.e. paid), not writing work, and so had to save whatever power was left to do the most urgent e-mail answering and report writing on the power left in my laptop, going down from 50% to 20% very rapidly.  I discovered the ‘Business Centre’ in the hotel, where I could use my memory stick to save word processing work, but by the time I had written up my ‘day work’ (interviews and all that) I had no creative writing left in me.  I did write up a response to Becca’s challenge: YES I do think blogging is writing and it does keep me on the ball, but somehow or other this week it all got lost in the reality of the day job.   So, do I think that blogging is writing: yes I do, it’s what keeps me focussed half the time, reminds me that I want to be writing, reminds me to think about my novel, to think about the books that I read in a different way and pushes me to think about the writing and what I read.  I’ve got something written up, which I want to edit.  You see, that’s what thinking about the writing does: it makes you want to edit, make it just right, not a word too much or too little.  But this week was just too hard – again.  So I’ve got a few sentences here and there. In fact, I jotted down quite a few paragraphs in the notebook.   I still think that I am writing; there are paragraphs here and there, stories that come up and I jot down, blogs that get written, and not to forget the day reports that I write, some of them tedious, nevertheless, they need me to look at what I think and write.

And now?  It’s late, I’ve driven some 250 miles to get back home, it’s thundering outside and the air is thick and clammy, as if I’m swimming through jelly.  Suddenly it’s raining as well and now I know why I felt so suffocating.  So, this is my contribution for this week – I do have a book review on my sleeve which I will post.  Another working day to go tomorrow….  But yes, I AM A WRITER, however shy I am to admit it during the day.  It’s what I really want to do.



  1. Those are some major miles you’ve covered, and why you’re “swimming through jelly” (totally understand that, we are getting the steamy mornings and foggy evenings that come with rain, hot ground and bleached white sky.

    Looking forward to your review. And I love when you describe your countryside.

  2. Yes, you are a writer! And it comes through loud and clear, even when you’re describing the reasons you can’t write the way you wish! I sense the chaos and the bustle and the feeling of being overwhelmed, all summed up perfectly and symbolically by the humid atmosphere.

    I hope you can slow down a bit, and catch your breath 🙂

  3. oh: mmm, bleached white sky – that’s one to remember as well 🙂 Today, flowers are huddling together in the pouring rain and summer has gone underground x
    Becca: trying Becca, trying, but alas in less than 24 hours I shall have to depart again for another four day stint… Nevertheless, I’m catching up with myself beatifully at the moment. Thanks for your encouragement x

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