Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 13, 2008

Wales and Writing on Wednesday

Cannot find the link to Becca’s site – still (or again) buried in Wales and believe me, finding the favourites is not an easy job.    Days are overloaded with trying to get the work done, interviews, presentations, talking to people, and then when I try and surf my favourite blogs at night either on the 3G or from the ‘business centre’ (a hot and stuffy room that takes your breath away after ten minutes) in this hotel, it takes about five minutes, if not ten, to get to a site.    Leaving comments on these sites is even more dreadful when you have to type in these mystery words to identify yourself as ‘genuine’, just forget it.  Don’t even try, don’t go there.  It’s doomed to make you feel hugely frustrated and wanting to throw your laptop out of the window.  Nevertheless, the room is nice, I sleep well and the rain is pelting down on a daily basis.   What more can I say?  Glad to be heading back home tomorrow, hit my own bed and think about my writing.  For today, I tried to link into the Write on Wednesday but unfortunately hit a blank and so I’m making it up as I go. 

Tonight I observed the goings on in the hotel restaurant, the staff, the customers and slowly sank into a mindless stupor of tiredness, after a swim (yes, I do try and shake off a hard days work with a bit of exercise) and a subsequent glass of wine which made my head spin.  Wales is something to be experienced I think, it has its own logic and world view.  I’ve spent days trying to follow my sat nav only to hit water logged roads, detours, ending up in organisations and institutions, where receptionists are hugely overwhelming and friendly and give you ‘fobs’ to go through doors to enter the sanctity of staff restaurants, people are concerned that you might not quite understand why something is so very important, and ultimately the conviction that how things are done here in Wales is the absolutely only way to do them…  However, I love the gentle and smiling staff in this hotel – they are so extraordinary friendly and smiley and they recognise me and love me as much as I love them, I’m sure.  Nevertheless, I am ready to go back over the M5 and the M6  after a last interview in Cardiff tomorrow morning, and then head home.  Only I have a stop off in Birmingham, for another assignment, just keep fingers crossed I manage to do all that without a hitch or getting lost.  And yes, I have gathered loads of material for writing about staff in country and spa hotels and restaurants, I have gained an insight into yet another way of living. 

Have I managed to catch up with Write on Wednesday?  I think I’ve lost the plot somewhere.  I’ll be in touch Becca!  And yes, I am reading stories in My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead’  (Jeffrey Eugenides), even if it is slow going as I fall asleep after one or two pages out of sheer tiredness.  Not much writing going on, however, apart from interviews and presentations.   I cannot wait to catch up with the Write on Wendesday and how everyone else has been so focussed whilst I’m somewhere in no-man’s land.



  1. I was in Wales once, and it seemed like the end of the world to me -although in a good way, actually, since I was on vacation, so it was alright, really, to be a bit lost!

    I’m touched that you were thinking about your blog buddies and the Wednesday routine.

    If you’re ever lost, you can find me at 🙂

    Safe travels!

  2. Becca: back in the ‘real’ world: my blog buddies are very important to me – and I’ve just managed to visit you! x

  3. Me, too! I am so out of touch from traveling for 4 days and didn’t even bother to try and log in at the hotel where I stayed. Looking forward to having some quiet blog-read time and hearing of your adventures in Wales, too!

  4. oh: it’s heartening to hear that others suffer from the same hotel syndrome, it knocks you sideways and out of touch, doesn’t it just. Am still recovering from my disorientation 🙂

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