Posted by: Corri van de Stege | September 2, 2008

Tuesday – and on the road

I was going to post a meme, for which I’ve been tagged by Matthew, however trying to cut and paste anything from a different site is so excruciatingly slow on this 3G connection somewhere in Wales (again) that I have given up.  It will have to wait until I’m back home. 

So, for now?  Time to go to bed.  I finished Soldiers of Salamis and rather than trying anything too demanding at a time that I need to concentrate on my presentation and workshop tomorrow, I am going to enjoy some purely inconsequential reading: The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury.  This was reviewed on one of the podcasts I listened to a little while ago and there were quite vehement and opposing views on this book, ranging from utter trash to an enjoyable read.  So far, I’m actually quite enjoying the story, although I have no idea how the first chapter, about someone called Montferrat who is escaping from someone called DiSangro, in 1749, links to the following bits which are about a conservationist living in present day Iraq and another section that is about a person called Richter who is involved in trying to capture anyone involved in the Sadam regime after the toppling of Sadam but ends up finding a rather gruesome ‘lab’ where experiments have been carried out on people.   Intriguing?  Yes, that’s why I’m reading it – it is undemanding and distracting when you don’t want to have to think too much about what it is that you are reading.  It’s actually well written.



  1. Just very curious, if you want to tell, is your presentation about writing? Do you have the utter blissful good fortune to work in the writing industry, whether cottage or corporate?
    Hope your weather is glorious as you’re out and about in the countryside!

  2. I wish….. and no, I don’t have the utter blissful good fortune to work in the writing industry….. It’s education and it’s presentations and reports to and for people who know to talk a lot better than I do!
    The weather? Not that good, but then I never saw much of it, except from my car window and via the windscreen wipers. I so wish it was cottage rather than corporate, but then, mine pays the bills

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