Posted by: Corri van de Stege | September 22, 2008

Places I’ve been through books I’ve read – a flashlight list

A list of my favourite books for arm chair travellers has been posted at flashlight worthy books .  I have reviewed most of these books at greater length here on my blog and it’s nice to be able to share such favourites with you.    The site provides many more such lists.  I had fun working on this and I realise how much I enjoy reading about places and different cultures.  They influence what I think and write about.

Today’s Guardian supplement in the How to Write series is on Comedy: How to Write Comedy.  It’s not something I’ve ever tried my hand on, but it’ll be interesting to see whether even I can manage to write jokes: I usually have great difficulty remembering them in the first place!  I shall stick it in my suitcase – yes I’m on the way again for a couple of days and nights so posting will be haphazard. 

Tomorrow’s supplement will be on Plays and Screenplays and that is one I’m much more interested in: it’s the next stage in my writing course as well and should be helpful with character building and outlining. The rest of the week will be (Wednesday) Memoir and Biograpy,  (Thursday) Journalism and (Friday) one on Books for Children.



  1. How interesting to have such a series! Like you, I can’t remember jokes more than five minutes! If that! But I would be very excited about writing plays and screenplays!

  2. O’ Neill duly added to the TBR list, not least because I love NY and cricket and am 1/8 Dutch as well. That’s a stretch I know but the Dutch genes are feisty (or persistent).

  3. Jeanie: glad I’m not the only one bad at remembering jokes!
    couchtrip: lovely to meet a fellow feisty dutch gene!

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