Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 2, 2008

In limbo

Yes, I feel in limbo: so many things are going on and all of a sudden I am  working from my home desk as if there is not a big wide world around, and as if for the last two weeks I have not been on the road almost non-stop.  

Thailand is in the process of resolving its issues and today we learned that the airports will be opening up shortly.  At least son and girlfriend will be in the queue with everyone else to get a seat on one of the flights out.   I can stop worrying.   Mind, he has just travelled on a bus from the south to Bangkok only to find out that flights are leaving (in dribs and drabs, ok…) from Pukhet (where he was only two days ago).  He might just be back in time in Europe to book a flight to England and come and celebrate christmas here!

I am struggling badly with my radioplay.  This is the next assignment on the course and until trying I had not realised how difficult it would be.  Conversations can become so banal!  Had you realised that?  Have you ever tried to write a conversation that keeps other people hooked for at least 15 minutes.  Non-stop conversation that is???  In additoin, it is difficult to keep the tension going in a story that seems utterly removed from my everyday tension and worries.  At times I wish I had never started this, this course….  I feel kind of drained and without any ideas whatsoever.  I’m counting down the days to the deadline, oh my, 19th December!  And it is December ALREADY.  I have just worked out the format  and of course I could try and write a play or a film script.  But that’s even harder, I think.  At least a radioplay is something in your head, it’s purely about words and making sure that the story keeps the listener/reader hooked.  But how difficult is that!

I am  worrying out loud.  Working and playwriting don’t seem to go together!


  1. It will come to you. The outside world does seem to dwarf our little issues and projects, doesn’t it? I am right there by your side. Deep breaths and it will all come together.

  2. You sound far too stressed! Take a deep breath, slow down.
    Could you try recording a conversation? I don’t know – I have never done a “radio play” before. I do know that when I write a conversation in a story, I have to say it out loud to see if it works.
    Hope you feel calmer soon!!

  3. You can do it. Just take it one step at a time. From the radio plays that I know, there are a lot of time changes so maybe it doesn’t have to be 15 minutes of consecutive time? Deep breaths. Just get the first draft done and it will get easier (hopefully!)

  4. Don’t worry – it will come to you. You’ll start out writing one thing and it will end up being something else. Just get ’em talking. And have them in some odd situation – stuck on an elevator, in line for a special toy in the department store, waiting for the electricity to come on during a black out – first get ’em a place, then it will roll along.
    I have complete confidence in your story/conversation!

  5. Thank you all for your great confidence in my abilities! I am breathing in and out, deep breaths, and every night I add something and somehow, yes, it is coming together. With a bit of luck I have a draft version that I can completely revise and edit over the weekend and next week (n times probably). Submission date: 19th December – there is still time. It’s so helpful to have you on the sidelines cheering me along! Thank you again xx

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