Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 30, 2008

Best wishes from seachanges

And so the year draws to an end – this limbo is quite challenging actually and I have done what I am doing best: changing views, looking at the seas hiding the future.   I live near the coast and it provides for wonderful pictures, mystic, imaginative, hidden views.  What’s below the surface?  Here are some seachange pictures, while we wait for 2009…  and then, yes, of course there will be more.  More what?  More books, more views, more stories.  For now, enjoy the seachanges….  Views of Hunstanton (Norfolk) beach in December, the end of the earth as the joker in the christmas pantomime implied.  Actually, he was quite rude about the place (the joker, I mean), but it provided some wonderful opportunities for photographs:


and this one


On a bitterly cold boxing day, we wandered around the castle and priory in Castle Acre.  Both were founded after the Norman conquests in the 11th century but now only shadows of crumbling walls and trees creep over the grass in the cold winter sun.  Walking around this forgotten part of England you also forget the local shopping centres and supermarkets and imagine yourself in a different life.  The icy wind makes you wonder how people used to survive without central heating and thick duvets. 





  1. How wonderful to live within view of the sea. Like many Americans, I have a great love and nostalgia for England and whenever I’m there, especially in or near some ancient structure, I wonder about the inhabitants from centuries past and what their lives must have been like. I imagine that even the wealthiest people had to have been chilly most of the time!

  2. I loved walking around the ancient places in England. It was quite easy to forget there were supermarkets and shopping malls. These pictures are beautiful. It certainly doesn’t look cold!

    Happy New Year !!

  3. Happy New Year, Seachanges. I hope in this year your muse is inspired, and you enjoy contentment and felicity.

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