Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 22, 2009

The Sunday Salon – a bit of spring

tssbadge42In this time of gloom, recession and job losses across the globe, it’s nice to be able to ignore newspapers, news, and yes, even books, and simply do some hard work in the garden.  The sun has been out for a few days now and so I decided to shake off the bad news about job prospects (there are and will be further redundancies in the company I work for) and do some digging, weed pulling, tidying up and such.  It’s very satisfactory to fill corners and borders and pots with colourful messages of spring and summer to come. 


p1010123-l-bike-compressedI hope my granddaughter will come soon to claim her bike, bought in the same mood of spring and new beginnings (and, let’s be honest, hoping she’ll come and visit soon).  Having told her on the phone that I’ve got this wonderful pink contraption waiting for her, she sighed and said ‘oh pink, my favourite colour…’  Life can be so simple, a colour can cheer you up no end; in addition, she subsequently told her parents that ‘finally (!), we will go to England again….’  However, as that may be a while yet with a parent just starting a new job as a junior doctor in a hospital, I shall first  go over to see her in a couple of weeks’ time.  Life is too short to miss out on little girls.

I have spent this week in battle with Amazon.  I ordered part 2 and 3 of Mahfouz’s trilogy for the simple reason that I would then receive them quickly and be able to start reading (within two business days, as Amazon promises), however, nothing arrived on 14th (as promised), neither on any day after that and upt till now.  When I e-mailed to complain (twice) I was told I had better wait until 23rd, because sometimes, post-offices just don’t deliver, and perhaps it was a good idea if I sought out my local post office to ask if they were perhaps keeping a parcel for me…  Well, if I wanted to scour local post offices for books, I might as well have saved the bother of ordering in the first place and gone to the bookshop.  The whole point of ordering was that I had little time to drive to the nearest bookshop and wanted the books – I love spending time in bookshops, ordering the books was a solution to not having the time within the next week or so to visit a bookshop!  Needless to say, I still have not received the books and I am waiting for Amazon to tell me how they are going to resolve this.  What a waste of time!

p1010127-flower-pot-compressedTo cheer me up about the state of the world and in particular the job unease, younger son reminded me that it was going to be mother’s day today and the local florist delivered a wonderful pot of flowers.  I surreptitiously took out the lily which made me sneeze and gave me a swollen throat.  Otherwise, it is beautiful and makes me feel loved.

To get rid of all the cobwebs, the undercurrent worries and unease about the state of the world, jobs, bookshops, digging up the garden, a breath of fresh air seemed appropriate for today.  Some fresh air that was: the wind swept across the beaches of Norfolk and windsurfers were out in force with their blue, red, black and white kites, jumping across the waves and going at full speed.  At last, spring is in the air.



  1. Nice photo 🙂 Spring there sure looks different from spring here when we walked out on the ice

    Have a nice Sunday

  2. Oh, I love the pink bike! I wanted one so badly when I was a little girl, but I ended up with a “stars and stripes” bike that my Grandfather bought for me. I was hopping mad then (after all, a little girl who will wear only dresses is hardly a candidate for a bike that is NOT pink), but now I remember it with great fondness. I hope you will have wonderful times with your granddaughter!

    Happy Spring!

  3. It’s not quite warm enough here for gardening yet, but I do see some of my daylilies and tulips peeking through…so there is hope!

    I love pink too and I’m betting your grandaughter will be overjoyed with that bike!

    I hope your books come soon 🙂

  4. Ah, let’s forget the gloom, shall we? Beautiful day for the beach, for gardening, for thinking about wonderful grandchildren. No gloom. The books will arrive soon.

  5. blodeuedd: mmm yes I can imagine that spring will take a bit longer to come to Iceland…
    Priscilla – I’m so glad you love the bike too – I so totally agree that pink dresses must have pink bikes. How thoughtless of your grandfather…
    becca: no, gloom has not been allowed in today and now I have a pink bike in the garage and colourful flowers around I am happy as anything!
    Debbie Nance: thank you so much for the cheerful encouragement, and I totally agree, books can wait for now – I shall appreciate them even more when they do eventually arrive

  6. Try not to worry too much about the job, although I know it’s easier said than done.

    How beautiful it is where you live! Thanks for sharing your garden and the sea (and the cute little bike, too).

  7. That bike looks delightful! She will be so pleased. She’s already moaning this year that her red bike isn’t pink enough.

    Can I show that pic to her or should it stay a surprise?

  8. chartroose: thank you – I know I shouldn’t, there are too many other things in life… but… Glad you enjoy the pictures.
    arioborzine: of course! The whole world can see it after all!

  9. Lovely bike! She’ll love it. How well it goes with spring, and, I love all your other pictures, too. Here’s to all the newly sprung blooms and a certain sweetness in the wind!

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