Posted by: Corri van de Stege | June 28, 2009

Sundays, hotelrooms and 3G

My 3G or my server (not sure which one to blame) definitely does not like being used for blogs, especially not cooperating in publishing new posts.  As I seem to be spending an awful lot of time on the road these last few weeks I feel frustrated and then simply give up trying!  3G and server are conspiring against my patience.

So here I am in Manchester or rather a hotel somewhere east of Manchester, on a Sunday night, to be ready on time for  a workshop tomorrow morning.  It’s stifling and hot – when I left the house this afternoon great big  blops of rain hit the car windscreen but then stopped again as I moved away, into Lincolnshire, to catch a train from Peterborough.  It’s a different world in the weekend: while during the week tired travellers are synonymous with workers, people with laptops, mobile phones, people  in suits and travelling as loners or in teams, talking about work, meetings and sales, the weekend is all about families, weekend bags, knee length shorts, casual clothes, couples, tired kids and yes, all the seats are taken again, the compartments are  full and every seat is taken.  Despite cancelled trains and wondering why I’m doing all this, I got here eventually and was quite pleased that this is a kind of spa / gym hotel and the swimming pool was still open when I got here.  So here I am now, having expended all my energy, tense travel-tiredness, the fan blowing, and thinking about my blog.  I had intended to make some clever comments on summer reading and all that, unfortunately the day has taken it all out of me and I shall leave you with this.. what… not sure.  Just to say that, yes, in my mind I have written pieces about

Books I’m reading… many

Books I’ve bought to take with me on holiday….  many

Wimbledon – I hope Federer wins….

Iran and what’s happening there … constantly in my mind, thinking how much this is now a different generation going through all this…

My granddaughter and my looking forward to her visit…. in August

My other family, close and extended

Our holidays… starting Saturday, but before that I still have to do x number of workshops, telephone interviews, attend meetings, draft a report, and…. etc.

Will I be able to get myself in the right frame of mind to write something different from reports? 

Well, you get the gist.  I’m with you and will let you know soon about some books you should definitely read… At least that’s the intention.



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  2. You sound flat out, look forward to hearing about what you’ve been reading when you have the time and the energy.

  3. We’ll be patiently looking forward to hearing about what you’re reading whenever you are ready to tell us. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve just posted for the first time since March 25th. It seemed the longer I went without posting, the more daunting it became. I think I’m back though. Relax!

  4. Hi, Sea – So glad you got a hotel with a pool – that’s always a lovely treat when on the road.
    I enjoyed your list of things you want to write about so to speak and as always, look forward to your book lists,but hey, no hurry.

  5. Yes, no hurry. Will be interested to read your recommendations in due course. And I always like reading about your travel experiences. Enjoy the pool.

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