Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 2, 2009

Updates: relentless heat and more travel- and I also read some more

Yes, more heat, more travel, more travel and more heat.  Rather than answering all your kind and so much appreciated responses to my previous blog, here is a very quick update.  I travelled some more, after Manchester (the one with the pool), there was London, then back to Norfolk, then a train to Hartelepool (you don’t want to go there) another workshop and now at long last back home. 

P1010065I thoroughly enjoyed the patio this evening, my plants all flowering, a nice meal plus a couple of glasses of wine, and now I’m trying to get my head around all the things I’m supposed to be doing tomorrow:

Write a decent blog (forget it – I have no time.  I will do some serious writing next week)

Pack my suitcase: after all we are going on holiday first thing Saturday morning..

Write up all the notes of the workshops and share them with colleagues, clients, etc…

Chair two telephone conferences, make sure I know what I’m talking about…

Try and remember all the things I want to take on my holiday: books, walking gear, what clothes to take?  I bet it’s going to be pouring with rain now that for the first time in fifteen years we have decided to stay in England and despite all the excitements about heat waves this last week – I somehow suspect we only had a heatwave because I had to do all that travelling for work, let’s be honest!

Books: I started reading Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead but, and I hate to admit it, I cannot get into it, I find it too removed, too dull almost.  Is that because I am just too frantic and cannot concentrate properly?   I agree, the writing as such is perfect, clever, it is almost poetic if all you want is words and how words are strung together – however, the story just does not appeal.  Not now.  Can anyone out there help me, and tell me why I should (because I think I should: after all, she won the Pullitzer Prize) feel involved in the story, what it is that I am missing?  I have of course bought three of her novels, all ready to go in my case for reading whilst on holiday and I feel disappointed with this first read, Gilead. 

What I really want to do this holiday, in Cornwall if you must know, is to pick up my fifty-one stories.  Perhaps Robinson’s approach, the writing of a letter to my granddaughter…  There’s a thought!



  1. Yay for the 51 stories, and I’m sure your granddaughter will appreciate it when she eventually reads it. Enjoy the holiday (and a break from the heat).

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