Posted by: Corri van de Stege | September 29, 2009

A Monday, Tuesday, …? cold

I should be enjoying a fairly quiet and regular week working from home tidying up some reports, but the gods have decided to bless me with a cold.  Of course, everyone is going to think I have swine flue,  but honestly I don’t – it’s just a nasty cold, one that makes you sneeze all over and hurts your throat (no feever, promise).  My worry is that I won’t be allowed on the plane to my getaway on Saturday, that is, if it does not clear by then.  So it’s early nights, lots of sleep, breathing permitting, and lots of fruit and veg.  What else can a working woman do?  Fortunately my London meetings have been cancelled, at least there are still some angels up there. 

Just wish me a speedy recovery – once I’m away I shall do lots of reading.  Promise.



  1. There is something going round here too, although there is a less panicky reaction. It’s easy to forget – what with all the media hype – that there are about 200 cold and flu virusses around.

    And as they say: you just know it when you have the flu. It’s oh so different from a cold.

    Still. I hope you get well soon. Drink lots and eat buckets full of fruit.

  2. yes, yes, away with you on a wonderful reading escape weekend! Feel better, have lots of juice and rest – it’s the change of seasons that does it!

  3. If all else fails, drink lots of healthy soup! Wishing you a speedy recovery in time for your late summer reading getaway. Look forward to hearing about it.

  4. I wish you a quick recovery. My wife brews some wild herbs, adds some honey and gives me that conconction, very hot, and I can assure you it heals.

    Ingredients: Thyme, Plantain, Sage, 1 lemon (cut up), a fistful of raisins, honey. Boil in water and drink after you have taken it from the burner and it has settled, adding the honey then. Quantities at will.

    Sieve it before serving.

    It may not heal your flu but at least I’ve tried. LOL.

  5. Thank you for your all your good wishes, I’m sure it’s helping even though I have not tried all the concoctions advised… I’ve passed that fluid stage and so am all set for my flight to a week of blissful idleness…

  6. Great! Don’t be too idle lest you get used to it! LOL.

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