Posted by: Corri van de Stege | October 17, 2009

Autumn blues

I swept up the leaves in the garden today, it was chilly but windstill.  The bright summer colours are fading fast, with green turning yellow and brown.  Was it only last week that this was my view?


Balmy Cyprus.

And then, at night, the sun setting after a hot day, the heat melting into a comfortable and pleasant evening,


During the day I read 


All gone now, it’s chilly in England and the evenings are drawing in earlier and earlier.  The central heating is on.  I am wistful and unable to write reviews, after a week of catching up with work and reports.  No you’ll just have to wait until I come out of this sense of remoteness, as if it does not matter, none of it.



  1. Autumn is the worst part of a year, it seems as if everything fell: leaves from trees not only pointing to the season but our spirits also seem to drop. We often forget that we ourselves belong to Nature, too.

  2. Cyprus looks lovely, I can’t stand the cold and am impatiently awaiting our Summer. I’ve been meaning to read Chabon, so will interested to hear what you thought of Wonder boys if/when you post about it.

  3. Jose – I so agree, autumn bues are definitely part of decline and nature – it just hits us every year again, seemingly unexpectedly, how annoying!
    Sara – Chabon is on my table to be reviewed, however, whether I get round to it? Definitely, do read him. Wonder boys is all about the writer’s search and battles. It’s funny with an underlying seriousness about the self deception and the need to persevere. Yes, I enjoyed reading it.

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