Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 4, 2010

Short Stories

I have been very amiss these last months: one of the very few promises I made at the start of the new year was to contribute to the short-story site and submit reviews on short stories.  You can guess, I have not kept my promise at all, not so far.  Not for want of actually reading short stories, I am  dipping in and out of a couple of collections I have lying around.  It’s just not been a very structured excercise and then I slipped into my recent obsession with mysteries, sleuths and what not.  No reviews on those yet either, needless to say. 

The short story collections I am currently ‘visiting’ include

Robert Bolano – Last Evenings on Earth

Peter Robinson – The Price of Love

Kazuo Ishiguro – Nocturnes

The Asham Award Short – Story Collection – Waving at the Gardener (various authors)

And they’re all good collections – if totally different from each other.   And yes, sooner or later I will review them.  For now, I can recommend all four of them if you are looking.


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