Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 2, 2010

Cyprus lore

Some catching up to do. 

Today’s news: author Beryl Bainbridge has died.

Murray has lost the semi-final at Wimbledon to Nadal – well, Nadal was never going  to give it away was he? 

There’s a good review of David Mitchell’s The Thousand Autumn’s of Jacob de Zoet  by Dave Eggers in the Sunday Book Review.  Really, I don’t need to write another one, do I?

England lost the world cup, but then that’s old hat now.  I was sunning on a wonderful beach on Cyprus and it all passed me by anyway.  But then, Holland was represented, could not miss them, in one of the tavernas on the way to the beach.  Although quite a lonely representation, it must have helped.

I’ve done some reading, odd bits, not worth reviewing, holiday entertainment.  A Lee Child, and am reading another one (Bad Luck and Trouble),  Simon Kerrick’s The last 10 seconds, Peter Robinson’s The Aftermath and a couple more.  You guessed it – high literature thrown out of the window.  I simply indulged.

Holidays are over now and it’s back to reality / work.   I will get myself together, promise.  One of these days.  Made some notes as well, for future stories.  But that’s for the future. 

There were many admirable seachanges on Cyprus – just to give you an idea:

Aphrodite used to love it here.

And then of course I loved having all that time with granddaughter who loved the pebbly beach.



  1. Terribly sad about Beryl Bainbridge – a wonderful writer who never failed to amuse as well as inform.

    Lee Child? I am a fan and read them all as they come out. A small indulgence which ruins my credibility as a serious reader!

  2. Tom – I’ve just finished the second Lee Child – back to serious reading now! I’m sure we all have our guilty reading pleasures 🙂

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