Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 6, 2010

Football and university access

I have to admit to this.  Yes, I’m watching football.  The Dutch are winning.  This is it, totally off-side, nothing to do with reading or literature and here I am ignoring my  indifference to the game.  I am enjoying the various text messages, from son in Germany to son in, what, a Dutch club in London?  I think so.  And the comments.  And all that about a bunch of orange shirts running across a field with a bunch of light blue shirts, Urugay. 

And then, there are facebook messages from as far as the States – all urging me to watch this game and friends are expressing their wish for a final between Holland and Germany.  What?  Yes indeed. 

Even more exhillerating is the news that niece has achieved those much wanted grades that allow her to move herself lock stock and barrel from sleepy north of Holland to, well, sleepy Lougborough in England.   Nevertheless, she now will take up that highly regarded place on the Arts Course.  Oh I am so proud of her!  Congratulations!



  1. thanks for the good information

  2. I forgot about your Dutch connection (roots?) South Africa seems to have embraced the Dutch in a big way (since we were a former Dutch colony) and I’m expecting to see a flood of orange on Sunday. Hp hup Holland.

    Congrats to your niece.

  3. Pete: yes, I am Dutch and so I have been convinced by relatives and friends that I MUST watch the football. Especially now that the Dutch team will be in the final on Sunday!

  4. Ah, I am in the same situation and so I will watch the game on Sunday. Do you know this final is causing some controversy because it coincides with the 15th remembrance of the fall of the Srebrenica enclave? I was alerted to this by a Dutch author whose book King of Tuzla I have just published in English and which is set during the Bosnian conflict.

  5. Bernadette – No, I was not aware of this. Quite unfortunate. However, the two events are so completely unconnected that this may just alleviate the disquiet? I will have a look out for the book you mention.
    Have fun watching the game.

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