Posted by: Corri van de Stege | July 10, 2010

Coalition Confusion on Saturday

Some confusion in this house this morning – the Guardian in an article on the coalition government refers to Clegg’s presumed ability to manage working in a coalition.  I have tried to find the relevant article on line, but can only find a front page one which is headed ‘Coalitions are here to stay’.  You will just have to take my word for this reference to an article on page 13, under the heading Politics (Clegg’s promise: this will be the most liberaly parliament in a generation), which ends with this:

‘But Clegg is used to managing a coalition.  Tonight, the half Dutch deputy prime minister will be sitting on one side of the family sofa with a Heineken, cheering on the Netherlands.  On the other side his wife, Miriam, will be cheering on her native Spain with a SanMiguel’

What?!  Is this final tonight?  Have I got it all wrong and would I have missed this final, even though I swore to my sons I would do them proud (after all, both are travelling to the mothercountry today in order to watch the game from home turf) and watch, even if in my case it would be from a chair in front of the tv in England?  We double check the sports pages (that’s how much we trust ourselves with respect to football events). 

Yes, husband says, it says here it will be on both BBC1 and ITV. 

I double check, but it says ‘tomorrow’ I note. 

We check with the telly times and it appears the game is tomorrow…   There is however  a game on between Uruguay and Germany, which will determine third and fourth place.  Who cares at this point, I wonder?  My big question is now, will Clegg not be aware of the difference and just watch it as another coalition play?  Who will he cheer, Uruguay or Germany?



  1. I saw the article and am pleased to see the illiberal legislation of the labour years being swept away – I will be glad to be able to take photos in central london again without worrying about being searched under the prevention of terrorism legislation! I think on other matters, Clegg defines liberal in a rather different way to me – what about the freedom to have a job, to live without poverty, to have children educated in decent school buildings etc.

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