Posted by: Corri van de Stege | October 14, 2010

Up north (in England) vs Cyprus

I drove over 200 miles this afternoon and after some four hours arrived at this rather old but pleasant hotel up north, with stairs going up and down and round and round and it’s just as well that rooms, restaurant, bar, fitness suite (yes it has one, quite a large one in fact: I made use of it immediately I got out of the car) are signposted otherwise you’d get completely lost.  Moreover, there is free wifi so I don’t have to make use of my 3G to download e-mails.  My (work) 3G is so slow, that I never manage to work on blog posts when I depend on the 3G for internet access. 

I keep reminding myself of Cyprus but I realise I have no photo’s on this computer, it’s my work laptop.   Well, wait, I’ve posted some on my facebook page (strictly family and very close friends access only), so I can retrieve and share them.  What would we do without all these different channels?

The view from our apartment was breathtaking.  It’s not surprising I cannot find my way back into the daily routine, work, travel, presentations, and have difficulty making sense of working life or my ‘normal’ life for that matter.  I have not been able to get back into a reading / review writing routine either, as you’ve probably noticed.  My e-reader is with me, but in my disjointed existence I cannot find the mental space or dedicated time to read any of the more ‘serious’ books, ones that deserve a thoughtful review.  Fortunately, Howard Jacobson won the Booker with a book that does away with serious seriousness, and so it’s time to get hold of the Finkler Question.  No, I have not read that one yet.  Have you?  Do you think it deserves the Booker?  What’s your take on the view that this is a ‘funny’ book and that it’s about time a funny book won the Booker.   I’m curious.  I’ve got a number of the others that were on the shortlist on my e-reader, needless to say I have not read them (yet). 

For now, just enjoy one more of my Cyprus pictures – I must go back SOON.

This is the seafront in Larnaca, which is one of my favourite towns on Cyprus.


  1. Sea – so good to find you here! and with pictures of warm places … we have just morphed into fall and though temperate, it’s no longer barefoot time nor sit on the outdoor patio time.

    I haven’t read the books you mention and wonder (again, or is it as always, what on earth I HAVE been doing?) Anyway, your picture of Cyprus is beautiful and so glad you’re carrying teh effects of such a trip with (while at the same time, i’m glad to hear of your travels around your Great island!

  2. Cyprus looks lovely! Was just reading about the British soldiers relaxing there on their way back from Afghanistan.

    As for the books, I’ll be interested to read The Finkler Question. Had not heard of Jacobson before but it sounds like the win was well-deserved.

  3. I’ve spend 2 years in each country… both, very different, like Yin/Yang ..

  4. You’ve said it!

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