Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 1, 2011

A Happy New Year to all fellow (book) bloggers

Still coming out of my flu, sitting on the sofa, classical music in the background.  Rather than having chunks of time to read, I find I fall asleep and wake up coughing.  Nevertheless, I have at long last managed to update my Reading List for the year 2010 in the page at the top of this post.  Whilst doing this I realised how bad my record keeping has been of late.  The 2010 list is now more or less complete, but there may still be odd books that I have missed out.  Never mind, off we go into 2011 and I shall try to be more meticulous… 

Rather than telling you once more what my favourite books were, I am sure you can pick these out quite easily. 

For 2011 I have no intention of joining any challenges or groups or discussion fora.  I am just going to use the blog as I did last year: happily wandering through the various books that come my way, either from your posts or from newspaper reviews or simply because a favourite author is publishing a new book.  That should do fine.  That way I don’t put any further pressure on myself or you and I can move from crime thriller and genre to high literature, from English speaking writers to translations of world authors.    I enjoy writing about books, characters, styles, etc and there is already enough pressure to time manage myself during the working day.  Reading and writing are for pleasure, my very own, and if you enjoy reading some of what I put on the blog then so much the better!  That means, no pressure on you if you don’t feel like commenting and no pressure on me to make sure that I deliver something every week. 

My reading list is already idiosynchratic as I want to investigate/read the Italian Noir (I have not really read any so far),  Nordic Noir (have read numerous) and (literary) crime thrillers as well as novels,  philosophy books, literature and general interest books.  At times I am also led astray by magazines and papers:  our sitting room table is an absolute mess of books, papers, notebooks, two water glasses (empty), an empty teacup, a telephone (with red lights flashing), an ipod connector; some papers have fallen over the edge to the floor where a Saturday supplement beckons with ‘arts & books: Ones to watch in 2011’. …


  1. I like your philosophy about reading. I also like to let my reading moods take me wherever they might!

  2. You made me realize I need to stretch my reading into new genres, and countries. Never hurts, and you never know what you’ll discover. I was impressed by your 2010 list… that’s a lot of reading! Also, thanks for the “Freedom” review. I have avoided it on pain of feeling kind of ‘bandwagony’ picking it up (as you can guess, it has been significantly hyped here in the US since day 1 of publication), but your review and points about the theme of freedom are interesting.

  3. Kathleen – hi. Yes I think there are too many pressures in life as it is and so I am adamant that my choice of reading matter should be completely determined by how I feel and like you, let it be wherever my mood takes me.

    Melissa: I genuinely enjoyed Freedom and was a very early reader as I received a review copy. So I felt uncluttered by any hype or other reviewers. I think it was one of the best books I read in 2010, however, am well aware that there are other views!

  4. I like your approach to reading and blogging for the coming year; I’ve decided to do something along those lines as well and hope it means I go back to enjoying both reading and blogging more.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  5. Lesley – Yes, let’s try this approach! No more pressure, simple enjoyment. I’m all for it.
    And yes, I’m slowly climbing out of the fog of flu, colds and headaches, soooo glad! However, I think this will take a long time to go away completely. It’ll be spring soon….

  6. Happy New Year to you, Seachanges, and I hope you’re over the flu soon. I like your philosophy on reading and blogging that it’s all about pleasure. And giving yourself the freedom to wander in and out of various genres. Speaking of which, would Stieg Larsson qualify as Nordic Noir?

  7. Pete, Thank you. Yes, Stieg Larsson is one of the ‘Nordic Crime Noir’, together with Mankell and others. Have you read his trilogy? (Or seen the films?)

    • Not read any of the books yet but I really enjoyed the first film. (And looking forward to the other two).

  8. Pete: envy you in a way: I’ve read them all and seen them all! And enjoyed both books and films thoroughly. I just don’t understand why Hollywood will do a remake of the films? They’re excellent, the Swedish versions I mean.

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