Posted by: Corri van de Stege | January 4, 2011

More books… Andrea Camilleri

I ventured out yesterday, the last (bank) holiday before the real start of 2011.  Yes, it’s back to work today and I cannot quite believe that this christmas has past me by in such a miserable way.  Let’s forget about it.  It’s a new year in which I will blow along with the wind, go wherever it takes me and try not to get too worked up (upset?) about the daily grind.  No challenges, carefree.  To balance the working day I will just read and muse about what I read, do some travelling (hopefully), go for long walks, etc, etc.  But there is definitely going to be a balance.

And of course, despite all the christmas presents and the internet book orders and the Kindle (the new one with 3G) given to husband for his birthday, we were unable to avoid the bookshop and I could not help but find some books by the Italian Noir author Andrea Camilleri, ‘The Patience of the Spider‘ and ‘Excursion to Tindari‘, and yes I bought them.  So my tbr pile on the bookshelf is beginning to grow wildly out of order.   These are ‘Inspector Montalbano Mysteries’, described variously as ‘A joy to read’ (The Times) and ‘wonderful Italian detective stories’ by the Guardian (that is, according to the blurbs).   

There is something very seductive about browsing through bookshops.  Coming home and checking my Amazone wishlist I notice however, that I paid the full price in the bookshop whereas Amazone sells these items for about £3  a piece less.   Is there a lesson in here somewhere to simply stop this impulse buying?  But I had such a great time browsing and it feels so good walking out with a bag of books!  Retail therapy after flu misery.



  1. There’s nothing that can rival a good book buying binge!

  2. Yeahh it’s called book retail therapy and it works wonders!

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