Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 9, 2011

The Killing – Nordic Noir at its best…

No,  this is not a book.  It’s one of the best tv crime series for a long time, as good as Wallander, as good as the girl with the dragon tattoo  .  Only, I missed it when it was on tv, so I bought the five disc dvd set: 5 x 4 sessions of exactly an hour each = 20 hours.   Others watched this back in  March or was it April?   It had raving reviews and so I refused to visit any websites or read any reviews that might  reveal who killed Nanna. 

For just over a week, we sat glued for 2-3 hours every night, reminding ourselves that there was work to do the next day, that we should try and have a good night’s sleep, we could not afford to stay up half the night simply because we were so locked into this thriller, wanting the killer to be found, wondering whether the politician was guilty, what his role was, what other things were covered up, who had cleaned up the flat and why.  Oh my, this series was as engaging, no more engaging, than any nail-biting story.  We’ve sat through it and got to the end last night.  This series is so well acted, the reality grips you when the family falls apart, when people make dumb decisions because that is the way life is, when they become unwittingly engaged in something that is much bigger than them and also there is the reality of someone really evil, and who looks so normal. 

This got the thumbs up, by reviewers in so many papers and and people commenting  on websites, including mumsnet.  What can I say?

It explains at least why I have been unable to write a single review this last week.  Watching this has once more pushed me towards the Nordic Noir: the genre is brilliant.


  1. I’m currently glued to the US adaptation of The Killing – and I love it too! Haven’t had the chance to check out the original though…

  2. The original is good…. it comes with subtitles though!

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