Posted by: Corri van de Stege | May 23, 2011

Literary Giveaway Blog Hop

Leeswammes  is canvassing for sign up to the Literary Giveaway Blog Hop.  This provides me with an opportunity to show my appreciation for you, the readers of my blog, and for everyone following bookblogs.  The Giveaway Blog Hop runs from 25th June – and I shall use it to celebrate reading and my holiday with granddaughter on warm and sunny Cyprus.   I will  ask my granddaughter to pick the winner of my Literary Giveaway.   After all , I started the blog when she was born and in her honour!  So on 25th June I shall post my Giveaways and when you give a comment on that post and enter the draw, either the same day or before 29th June, I will ask my granddaughter on the very last day of our holiday the 29th June to pick the winner(s).  How’s that?   So far I have thought of one book to enter the draw, and I’m still thinking of others that I might add.   So keep in touch and in tune – all shall be revealed on 29th June.  It will give you the opportunity to hop across a number of blogs and entering all those prize draws! 

You may want to join the list of bloggers who want to join the Literary Giveaway – well, you’ll have to enter your details on a form, available from Leeswammes.  The list of participants is already 39, probably 40 now that I have joined…  So why not join in as well?


  1. Great post! Thanks for joining in. Last time (in February) was a great success and people pressurized me in doing another one in June. I guess it’s working because as you say, we’ve already got 40 participants – and still a month of sign-ups to go. Isn’t that great?

  2. It took me an hour or so to get the button on the widget, and even now it’s leaning over the edge of the sidebar. What can I say? Hope there will be some more signing up, it’s really a nice opportunity to celebrate reading!

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