Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 7, 2011

The Norfolk sky: from cumulonimbus clouds to cumulus or simply stratocumulus?

English summer  – although we were promised a pleasant day with sunny intervals, the winds are picking up and the clouds in the sky seem to continuously reform themselves.  I’m enjoying this little book on clouds, The Cloudspotter’s Guide, and feel inspired to take some of my own photos from the shelter of my garden.

The changes are swift, from threatening to something more friendly and blue:

and something in between, more white with a dark ribbon:

And when the sun breaks through these clouds and I look down I am mesmerised by mirror patterns and fast changing shapes at my feet:

Such an English summer’s day.



  1. Sounds like a very relaxing way to spend an English summer’s day. I tend to try and see shapes in our clouds (like a fluffy Rorschach test). Hope those cumulonimbus ones didn’t bring too much rain. (If that is what cumulonimbus clouds do!)

  2. Pete: yes they do, and it did, but I agree with you about watching clowds for fluffiness: lovely way to spend a spare half hour!

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