Posted by: Corri van de Stege | August 16, 2011

Miscellaneous messages – miscellaneous books read


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I’ve just emptied the spam in my inbox –  I seem to receive a much higher number  of spam than actual comments on my blogs.  Is that good or bad?  Better not to think about this too much.

Meanwhile, I am simply not getting round to writing reviews  (or stories, for that matter).  This is partly because I have not got the energy at the end of the day when all I want to do is simply pick up the next story, and partly because I think that writing reviews of everything you read is a bit……well, what: presumptious? useless? simply a waste of time?  After all, there is a whole blogworld out there writing reviews (as well as the newspaper and tv programmes discussing books and ‘summer reads’ etc.).  No, I’ve decided to stick to reviewing books that I really want to review, because they grabbed my attention, because they’re brilliant, because there’s something in the writing that I want to remember, because……  In other words, there has to be a reason other than simply wanting to fill another blog post.  Actually, I haven’t had that much time recently to fill up blog posts let alone write reviews, so that puts another barrier in my way.

I am reading, though.  Soon I’ll provide a list of all the books I’ve read over the summer.  For now, I’m simply going to spend the rest of the evening watching another installment of ‘The Hour’ and will then pick up my e-reader and read myself to sleep.  Seems a brilliant idea after a long day’s work behind the computer, writing: bids, reports –  not fiction but very creative nevertheless.




  1. We are always pressed for time, so trying to read as many books as possible doen’t mean we’ll have time to review them as well 🙂 I don’t even miss writing about books, I just want to moved on to the next great book 🙂

  2. Ally: yes I think you’re right – there just is not enough time to do it all and you have to make choices about how you use the time you’ve got… And I certainly haven’t got a lot to spare at the moment 🙂 Enjoy your reading!

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