Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 3, 2011

Writing: Christmas lists and letters

I’m trying to be well-organised this year and so have started to write addresses for the cards that need to go abroad, the US, Singapore, Europe… How good is that? I have surprised myself and have even written a short note for all family and friends – to make sure that they know exactly how I spent last year, in particular where I went on holiday and what family I saw when. My sons told me off last year for not having written the letter that Christmas: for them it was a way of keeping up with themselves – I would relate where they had spent time and with whom. Not sure if that is supposed to be a compliment or what? Never mind. At least I’ve started writing again, even if it is only letters and lists.

Yes, it’s the silly season and how better to enjoy it than embrace it? There’s too much gloom, with the English economy going down the pan as fast as the Euro is; and for good measure the rest of the world seems to be keeping up quite well with these two. Going down in tandem, I mean. Better to drown yourself in books and lists and ponder what (book, dvd, cd) to give to whom and how soon I will have to send a parcel for it to arrive in Singapore on time, that is, before Christmas? These are hard things to deal with in one weekend. The economy will just have to wait for a bit.

What better way of ignoring all the bad things and concentrate instead on writing, even if it is only a silly letter explaining to the rest of the family what I did last year. And now I’ve also written this blog. Well done for a Saturday afternoon!

And by the way, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve turned on the snow for good measure.



  1. it’s getting colder, with the snow around here 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  2. Enjoy it Ally and have a good time too!

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