Posted by: Corri van de Stege | December 27, 2011

In between Christmas and New Year

This is never a good time to try to keep up with your blog, is it?  I wonder how many out there can actually be bothered reading or writing posts – there’s a kind of lethargy.  All the good intentions of reading lots and even writing a post or two have gone by the wayside.  Restlessness has crept up on me: I vaguely wander from one book to another, skimming through my e-reader like an overfilled bookshelf and then fall asleep on the sofa, with classical music on Classic FM.  When I look up it’s dark again outside and the announcer has changed to someone who is advocating the ‘ultimate classic fm’ and ‘the chart of charts’, whatever that is.  I feel better though, having slept.

All that will change from tomorrow – no more time for laziness and sleeping in the day time.  After dinner tonight I will get in the car drive to the airport to pick up family, including granddaughter.  Her bed is made, presents are still waiting under the Christmas tree and we will have a lovely belated christmas breakfast with all the things little girls fancy and that were on the list provided during a very lengthy telephone call in which she said she missed ‘the magic of an English Christmas’ :  so there will be croissants, pain au chocolat, berries, apple juice and lots of fun when we open our presents in our pyjamas.

Of course, there are lots of books in that pile under the tree so even if I cannot settle down to adult reading there will be plenty of stories to read to a little girl.

Wishing you all a happy in-between-Christmas-and-TheNewYear!

christmas tree lights

Image by swarna rajan - 50K views - thank you all!!! via Flickr


  1. Enjoy your belated celebration. Sounds like it is going to be a good one!

  2. Kathleen – yes it’s been great fun having christmas the day after in pyamas and over breakfast!

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