Posted by: Corri van de Stege | March 3, 2012

Why go for e-publishing?

I’ve just come across a funny take on the publishing industry and why it’s so obvious for writers to take the road of self-publishing.  Just for a bit of fun (and serious reflection) read Rolando’s take on the reality of trying to get your book published at Rolando’s Blog.



  1. Love it! I’ve taken the self-publishing route…I only have one in e-book, though. I like to do both, but some of my author friends really tout the e-book explosion.

  2. The e-books are showing up on my Nook, sometimes on Free book Friday, and I gotta tell ya, some of them are AWESOME! feel very fortunate to meet some authors for the first time this way…

    You would laugh to see me holding my laptop sideways to read the titles on these books! Love the picture!

  3. laurel – yes, it’s everywhere and I am a complete e-book reader convert. I know a number of people who have taken the e-book publishing route now and it’s probably the future. Although, I must say, I sometimes do think a good editor is indispensable!

  4. Oh- to give you a clue (about the titles): this is my kitchen bookcase so a lot of the easy books get stuffed there… Bookshelves are everywhere in this house. The e-book is a real solution for this problem of storage space or rather the lack of it 🙂

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